Motley crew, The



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To demonstrate the importance of teamwork.

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Course programme

The aim
To demonstrate the importance of teamwork.

About the programme
Working effectively as a team is essential in almost every area of business - but how many people understand how to be members of a team?

This humorous drama features a gang of bank robbers, led by Jack 'The Hat' Motley (Griff Rhys Jones), who learns the lessons of teamwork the hard way. After a bungled bank-job lands Jack in jail, he tells his sorry story to his ex-boss and gangland leader Bernie (Mel Smith) from behind bars.

Jack started with a group of professionals - each an expert in their particular field of crime. But he failed to allow them to introduce themselves, spoke in a language half the team did not understand and neglected to give people clearly defined tasks that matched their abilities. By trial and error, the team gradually learned some of the basic skills of good teamwork but, as Bernie points out, they did not learn enough.
Ideal for any teambuilding course, this programme helps everyone to understand the value of a focused team, and illustrates key points such as: creating a common purpose; speaking a common language; ensuring everyone knows what is expected of them and supporting team contributions.

Working together (session starter)
Formulating a success strategy for a team is a matter of planning things in advance and making sure everyone knows what is happening.

Both Mel and Griff think they're a team, both think they know what each other is doing and both think they have planned to perfection.

The key outcomes
-Equip leaders to know their team's strengths and weaknesses, then give the right job to the right person.
-Focus any team member or leader on the goals to achieve effective results

Programme includes:
The motley crew - DVD (27 minutes) and booklet
Working together - DVD (3 minutes)

A Playback production.

  • The plan falling apart
  • Not letting the team introduce themselves
  • Not using a common language
  • Pieces of a jigsaw making the big picture
  • Learning from experience
  • Not knowing the teams strengths and weaknesses
  • Not avoiding irrelevant discussions
  • Dependency of each member of the team
  • Not ensuring all members are clear of objections
  • Summary in action
  • Working together - meetings break programme

Motley crew, The

£ 649 + VAT