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These programmes provide epidemiological training for professionals in academic departments, research units, or in the health services.

Epidemiology is the key discipline underlying medical research, public health practice and health care evaluation. The understanding of its principles and practice is crucial for those involved in the design or assessment of epidemiological studies and programme evaluation. Epidemiological methods are also used to describe the size and nature of health problems, to investigate the aetiology of specific diseases, and to evaluate the impact of interventions for treating and preventing ill health.

These programmes provide epidemiology training for professionals in academic departments, research modules or in the health services. They are suitable for those aiming for a career in epidemiology research, academics in other health areas and other health professionals. The programmes are also of interest to people who require an understanding of epidemiology, such as medical journalists and scientific officers in government and industry. Find out more about our graduate careers and destinations.




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All applicants are required to have: A first or second class honours degree or equivalent, from a university or other institution acceptable to the University of London, in health-related disciplines or in statistics or another appropriate subject. Work experience in a health sciences or health care setting is desirable but not essential.

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What you'll learn on the course

  • Infection
  • Public Health
  • Evaluation
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  • Project
  • Medical
  • Medical training
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Course programme

Master's Degree (MSc)

Those registered for the MSc must additionally select one module from the other EPM3 modules listed below. They are also required to complete a project report and sit an additional unseen written examination in their final year of study.

Note that restrictions and pre-requisites may apply to some of the modules below. Not all modules will be available every year. Those marked 'recommended' have been classified as of high epidemiological content / relevance.

EPM3 (all recommended):
  • EPM301 Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases
  • EPM302 Modelling and the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases
  • EPM304 Advanced Statistical Methods in Epidemiology
  • EPM307 Global Epidemiology of Non-Communicable Diseases
  • CTM202 Trial Designs (recommended)
  • CTM203 Project Management and Research Co-ordination
  • CTM204 Regulatory affairs, Good Clinical Practice and Ethics
  • CTM208 Further Statistics for Clinical Trials
  • CTM209 Cluster Randomised Trials (recommended)
  • DEM201 Demographic Data: Sources, Collection and Evaluation (recommended)
  • DEM203 Contemporary Demographic Trends and Issues
  • GHM2:
  • GHM101: The Economics of Global Health Policy
  • IDM201 Bacterial Infections
  • IDM202 Nutrition & Infection
  • IDM203 Parasitology
  • IDM205 Healthcare-Associated Infection
  • IDM213 Immunology of Infection and Vaccines
  • IDM215 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  • IDM301 Epidemiology & Control of Infectious Diseases in Developing Countries (recommended)
  • IDM5:
  • IDM501 HIV
  • IDM502 Tuberculosis
  • IDM503 Malaria
  • PHM201 Analytical Models for Decision Making
  • PHM203 Economic Analysis for Health Policy
  • PHM204 Economic Evaluation
  • PHM205 Environmental Epidemiology (recommended)
  • PHM206 Environmental Health Policy
  • PHM207 Health Care Evaluation
  • PHM209 Globalisation and Health
  • PHM211 Medical Anthropology in Public Health
  • PHM212 Organisational Management
  • PHM213 Principles & Practice of Health Promotion
  • PHM214 Conflict and Health
  • PHM215 History and Health
  • PHM216 Sexual Health
  • PHM219 Evaluation of Public Health Interventions
Project Report
  • EPM500 Project Specification
The compulsory project report (MSc only) will consist of either the analysis of an existing data-set, a systematic review of the literature, or a modelling project.
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