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Gain a great capacity for the global market!

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    Montpellier (France)

Would you like to give an impulse to your professional career? If your answer is “yes”, then you should check this Master in International Business, offered by Montpellier Business School, that is part of the education catalogue of

The MSc in International Business is a foremost and innovative programme designed to give you a specialist insight into the area of international business, a strategic global vision to accelerate your access to key positions of responsibility in companies and organisations.

Through a one-year training programme, which combines the theoretical and practical course-work focused on innovative management, you will be equipped with necessary tools to broaden your skills to face your professional challenges with confidence. By sharing your experience in a multicultural class, in contact with internationally recognised professional instructors and faculties you will gain a great capacity for the global market and open up to new horizons of career opportunities.

You will gain tools, techniques and international legal standards to foster your Management’s skills, to find new opportunities and limit the risks. Ethic and values, the foundation of doing businesses with global responsibility: honesty, fairness and integrity, are underlying all courses French courses are provided during the academic year and cultural and company visits are organized during the programme.

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Montpellier (France)
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2300, avenue des Moulins, 34000

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About this course

→ A Bachelor degree or equivalent
→ Good English level:a minimum score of TOEFL 75/120 or TOEIC 670/990 or IELTS 6.0/9
→ Relevant professional goals

→ Top level faculty
→ An innovative pedagogical method
→ A truly international environment
→ An excellent employability rate for our MBS graduates: 70% of students from our programs are hired BEFORE they even graduate
→ Unrivalled networking opportunities
→ An AACSB, EPAS and AMBA accredited School

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  • Head of import-export
  • International Project Manager
  • Business developper
  • Key Account Manager
  • International Product Manager
  • Head of Market Research
  • Consultant in Strategy
  • Supply
  • International Business
  • Marketing

Course programme


This course introduces the major topics in international business, including comparative environmental frameworks, governmental and economic influences, import/export, and organisation of international business. The course emphasises the pervasive repercussions of global issues on contemporary business management and the role of the business owner or executive manager.


Students will learn how to successfully conduct marketing activities in an international setting by enhancing their capacity to analyse and target global marketing opportunities, selecting marketentry strategies and designing integrated marketing-mix strategies.


Develop methods and insights on how to understand key problems and how to implement the corresponding financial strategy. Learn about valuation for different businesses and projects through various methods.


Utilising business intelligence systems can turn data into decision-ready insights. The objective of this course is to introduce ways a manager can implement strategy and how to organise ows of information into a Business Information System.


In this course students will learn to analyse complex workplace situations from con ict resolution to motivational team dynamics and how to implement strategic solutions.


The aim of this course is to describe how careers and career management have evolved over the last several decades. Managing one’s career within a changing workplace has become increasingly challenging for the individual contemporary worker. The course will focus on individual career pro¬ les and career navigation from an international point of view. Students will be encouraged to build individual career development plans related to their career goals.


In this course students will understand the problems and complexities faced by operations and supply chain managers. From the decision making process associated with supplier selection to process transformation students will uncover different systematic approaches to be taken in order to implement solutions in a supply chain.


A campus wide competition via a business simulation that allows students and professionals a risk-free platform to test theories and make decisions. Competitor actions and reactions, new product launches, sales and distribution strategies will all de¬ ne how teams manage their own product portfolio, R&D, positioning and pricing strategy.

Students will be asked to write a master’s thesis in order to graduate from this programme. This represents an important component of the MSc learning experience. The objective is to investigate in depth an international business issue and to open doors for contacts and networking.


It is not necessary for incoming students to speak French as all courses are offered in English. However, French language courses will be offered to students in order for them to have a more engaging cultural experience

3rd Semester

4 to 6 months professional practice, internship or job


Teams of students from various cultural and academic backgrounds will embark on this entrepreneurial journey drawing on each other’s’ specialties to create a viable business. The objective of this project is to create a new and innovative company. To aid in their collaboration students will be exposed to experienced entrepreneurs and tools across various dimensions such as innovation, logistics and marketing. Finally they will be asked to conceive all of the financial aspects and pitch their project to an academic panel and potential investors.


Throughout their year of study students will be assigned a career coach and attend seminars that will prepare them in seeking the right career opportunities, how to be successful and learn from industry leaders on CV preparation, interviewing skills and contract negotiation.

MSc in International Business

£ 11,837.93 VAT inc.

*Indicative price

Original amount in EUR:

13,900 €