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Stourbridge (West Midlands)

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Course programme

(This is a completely different specification from music technology, which can be undertaken as an additional AS subject.)

The department is a large and active one with a strong musical tradition, both academic and practical. Both the AS and A2 courses seek to develop:

  • solo and ensemble performing
  • listening skills
  • an awareness of different musical styles
  • the ability to create music and notate it

You will work in a variety of ways, with the opportunity to develop your own strengths and interests. The music studied is mainly from the western classical tradition, although you may perform and compose in any style. We have a long history of sending successful students into higher education, where we have good contacts.

Before starting the course you should have reached Grade 5 standard on your instrument or voice. You must also be familiar with standard musical notation and theory; guitar tablature or chords, for instance, will not be sufficient for this course.

The governors meet the cost of individual vocal and instrumental lessons for AS and A-level students (see musical instrumental and vocal lessons). In addition there is a music bursary scheme open to all students, for details see music bursaries.


Price on request