Natural Training

Natural Training


Natural Training focus on Sales, Telesales, Negotiation and Presentation Skills Training. The premise behind Natural Training is simple: we have fresh, relevant, practical training that works with your natural personality rather than crunching against it. We ensure that our training focuses you on the things that matter in your role, always working to complement your natural style.


Based in London and servicing the UK and Europe, Natural Training focuses on delivering open and in-house group workshops and personal coaching to start-up businesses right through to big name brands representing most industry sectors. Natural Training now has over 1100 clients across all industries who enjoy our practical, results-driven training. Natural Training has 15 staff: five full-time maintaining our superb sales and customer experience, and ten trainers all receiving excellent feedback. In February 2007 Natural Training moved to new offices in Shoreditch, London, with professional training rooms.

Advantages of studying here

1. Powerful ROI:We are obsessed with helping our clients with Return on Investment. 2. Natural Style:We don’t “push” ideas on to you – instead we introduce concepts that suit your style. 3. “The How” versus “The What”:Most training companies focus on “The What”: But it’s via “The How” that we make the biggest gains. 4. LIVE Real Activity!We encourage you to hit the phones, make real presentations, conduct meetings and all sorts of other real-life business behaviours so that we can see, hear and understand where individual improvement points are. 5. Prospecting Energy:We tackle the psychological reasons why sales people, account service people and your leadership teams don’t pick up the phone as much as they could to generate new business. 6. Our trainers:We have a freshness, a realism, brought to life by fantastic trainers that other training companies can’t match.

Areas of specialisation

Sales Skills, Presentation Skills, Telesales and Negotiation Skills training.