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Typology Training
Level Beginner
Methodology Blended
Location Birmingham
Duration 8 Days
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  • Duration:
    8 Days

This course is NLP+®, which means that you will learn traditional NLP, PLUS additional techniques and mindset methods that exceed the run of the mill NLP curriculum. Upon enrolment you will be given life time access to your Online Practitioner course material to work through prior to attendance, as well as a text book to support your learning. The practical course where you put your knowledge into practice is then 8 days of live training. Your course also includes accredited trainings in Time Line Therapy® & Hypnosis as well as Coaching at no additional cost as part of your Practitioner Training package Your success is important to us, therefore we provide you with a Personal Coach to identify your personal and professional goals for taking your training and to support you through your learning.

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Birmingham (West Midlands)
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One Devon Way, B31 2TS


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Birmingham (West Midlands)
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· What are the objectives of this course?

The objectives of this course are first of all for us to find out from you, what your own personal and professional objectives are for taking your training with The Taylored Life Company. We then ‘Taylor’ your Training to support you in achieving those objectives by delivering the live Training in a way that supports your outcomes, giving relevant industry based examples of how you can use your new knowledge and skills. At the end of your accredited 8-Day live Training you will be certified at the Practitioner level in NLP+®, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and as a Coach.

· Who is it intended for?

This course is suitable for anyone who is looking for more than the mediocre NLP Practitioner Training. We also specialise in delivering our Trainings to: • People who specifically want to become Coaches or add coaching skills to their expertise • Business owners/CEO’s who want to have the best mindset to assist them to be successful in Business • Professional people who want to utilise NLP to be the best that they can be, have something missing in their lives, or are looking for a change of direction

· Requirements

No formal qualifications are required for you to take your Multi Certification NLP+® Practitioner Training with The Taylored Life Company. What is required is a genuine interest in understanding yourself and how you and others communicate and a desire to evolve your thinking and learn and utilise new skills to enhance not just your life and your success but the lives of other people too.

· Qualification

The Taylored Life Company courses are accredited to the ABNLP (American Board of NLP), ABH (American Board of Hypnosis) & TLTA (Time Line Therapy Association). At the end of your 8-Day Multi Certification NLP+® Practitioner Training, you will be certified in NLP+®, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and a Coach all at the Practitioner level. This course surpasses the requirements to join the ANLP (Association for NLP).

· What marks this course apart?

Delivered by Master Trainers of NLP & Hypnosis (not just Trainers!) Mark & Nicky are the only couple in the world to have achieved these joint Master Trainer qualifications. Courses delivered to the NLP+® trademark, teaching you more than just NLP alone. Mark & Nicky still actively coach clients themselves and regularly utilise the same techniques that they teach you. Therefore, they will give you the benefit of their experience to make the techniques work for you and your clients. Mark & Nicky are members of private Business Mastermind groups and continue to grow their own Businesses year on year using the success mindset that they teach, they openly share relevant business growth tools and models where relevant to delegate’s outcomes. Your personal and professional outcomes for Training are really important to us, which is why you are given your own Personal Coach when you enrol, to support you through your Training. We offer regular CPD events throughout the year, including Practice Group, Workshops & the opportunity to join our Coaching Assistant Programme free of charge. Our courses are delivered in Birmingham UK, the training venue is easy to reach via all transport links, with good quality, low cost accommodation within a couple of minutes’ walk. Our graduates are the most successful in the world. So without doubt, NLP+® is the gateway to your success, and we will support you all the way, but you need to open the door.

· What happens after requesting information?

Because your success is important to us, after requesting information one of our Trainers will contact you to arrange a call, so that we can fully understand your personal and professional goals for taking this Training. You will be able to ask all of the questions that you have to ensure that the Training meets your needs before proceeding with enrolment.

· What qualifications do the Trainers hold?

Mark & Nicky are highly qualified Trainers, they attained the qualification of Master Trainers of NLP in 2015 after undergoing a rigorous 5 year programme, this is the highest NLP qualification attainable and far surpasses NLP Trainer level. Not all NLP Master Trainer programmes are equal, some organisations certify after only 2 weeks training, so you can be assured of the level of expert training that you will be receiving at The Taylored Life Company. Mark & Nicky are also Master Trainers of Hypnosis and the only couple in the world to hold both of these titles with the ABNLP/ABH.

· Can I progress onto more advanced courses after taking the Practitioner Training?

Yes, as Master Trainer's of NLP, Mark & Nicky can train you right through to becoming an NLP Master Trainer if you wish. The level after NLP+® Multi Certification Practitioner is NLP+® Multi Certification Master Practitioner, then NLP+® Trainer's Training, followed by NLP+® Master Trainer, which is a 5-year programme. Each of these levels of training are open to you if wish to advance. The Taylored Life Company also offer Hypnosis Trainer's Training.

· Does everyone pass?

When you enrol on the Training your Taylored Life Company Personal Coach will get in touch to find out your individual goals for taking your course. Your Coach will support you through the online training which you will complete prior to attending the live Training. We believe that it is our responsibility to find the best way to deliver the live training which meets your learning style, if you are finding any areas challenging you will be given the support that you need to assist you to reach the level required for certification.

· Why do you certify to American Boards?

The ABNLP is the largest membership body in the world and has very stringent qualification criteria. Many of our graduates wish to coach/train overseas (N.B. to train NLP+® you must become an NLP+® Trainer first), being certified to the ABNLP supports this opportunity as your certifications are recognised worldwide. You can also be assured of the level of expertise that you have attained because of these stringent certification requirements.

· What if I only want to learn NLP+®?

Sometimes delegates ask if they can learn just the NLP+® component of the Training, as they don't see how they will use other components, e.g. Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy®. When you have completed your Training, you will understand that each component of the NLP+® Multi Certification Practitioner plays a really valuable part in your personal evolution, mindset and powerful new skill set. In addition to Hypnosis teaching you beneficial techniques such as self relaxation and for management of stress, the use of language that you will learn as part of your Hypnosis Training is one of the tools that you can use to easily build group rapport when speaking with an audience. This style of language is utilised by the most successful orators around the world and is essential for all Professionals to understand and be able to use easily. Time Line Therapy® is the quickest and most effective tool that we have discovered to clear up unhelpful Negative Emotions and self limiting beliefs that get in the way of us being as successful as we want to be. Using Time Line Therapy® is also content and emotion free, so you do not need to revisit events or experience the emotions themselves as part of the process of releasing them. Making this an essential tool not just during the Training but also for you to use yourself afterwards.

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Reviews on this course

Christopher Murray
5.0 29/11/2019
About the course: If you are a NLP professional but have not done any such course so far then you must meet mark and nicky to get trained amazing. the course structure is awesome so is the trained. in an amazing environment you can learn a lot.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
Sobla Iqbal
5.0 29/11/2019
About the course: Taylored life company is offering a good number of profession courses which will brush up your skills and make you more confident. They also come up with advanced learning which is amazing. the team is extremely helpful so is the course. the tutors are amazing doi g their job and making people learn as much as they in the subject. I would definitely recommend this company for offering such courses
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
Anthony McCourt
5.0 29/11/2019
About the course: Inspite of being the governor of the Birmingham Metropolitan college I joined this course and I get to learn a lot. new tactics makes me more interesting toward the course
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
Allan Harris
5.0 28/11/2019
About the course: The subject at NLP was really interesting and different. I had a great time learning Time line therapy and Hypnotherapy.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
Melloney Brown
5.0 28/11/2019
About the course: The NLP course helped me to motivate myself. learn new skills and also get over my old concept of business. it was really helpful and progressive for my career. I will definitely recommend this course. Thanks to the team for support.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
Rebecca Lockwood
5.0 28/11/2019
About the course: Taylored life company gives you an updated vision of the world and your profession. They are doing a great job and I would recommend them definitely.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
Jaime Bennett
4.0 28/11/2019
About the course: I would definitely recommend Taylored Life company which changes my though process alot. They helped me to learn a number of new things which is quite impressive. their supoort and helpful behavior was the best
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
Iwona Sobolewska
5.0 27/11/2019
About the course: Taylored life company is doing a great job and offering amazing profession courses which was helpful for me. the team is excellent and the learning was amazing. I had a great time learning there. Thanks to the team and concept.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
Clare Seager
5.0 20/11/2019
About the course: SInce attending the course my general awareness are confidence are continually growing. Within my football club, I have grown the girls attendance from 20-70 girls coming along weekly, and also gained thousands of pounds in sponsorship through my improved rapport skills gained on the course. Within my career, I am now teaching, coaching and assessing, which has improved life financially and freed up more time to spend with my family. Highly recommend the course and the trainers Mark and Nicky, who always go out of their way to help you however they can, ensure you reach your goals and continually assist you in being the best you can be.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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What you'll learn on the course

Coaching Skills
Personal Development
Time line therapy
Leadership Skills
Communication Skills
Professional coaching

Teachers and trainers (2)

Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor
Managing Director / Lead Trainer

I have always seen my purpose in life as assisting people to achieve their true potential. Since 1991, I have been involved in the training & coaching of adults, I am proud to have been part of a small team who created the curriculum still used to train student police officers in England/Wales. Creating & delivering trainings, by combining my knowledge of training adults with teaching NLP at the highest level as an NLP Master Trainer & Master Trainer of Hypnosis is my passion & from this our own unique brand NLP+® that we now teach in our Trainings, was born.

Nicky Taylor
Nicky Taylor
Director of Training & Coaching

In 2009, whilst a Civil Service Senior Officer, I trained as a Practitioner of NLP & couldn’t believe how my thought patterns changed so quickly & easily! Immediately taking NLP Master Practitioner Training, by the end of that year I was an NLP Trainer. We have helped thousands of people across the world be better, happier, more motivated and more successful. In 2015 we graduated from the 5-year NLP Master Trainer Programme, in 2018 becoming Master Trainers of Hypnosis. The only couple in the world together accomplishing this with the ABNLP/ABH & realising this highest level of achievement.

Course programme

The Taylored Life Company Multi Certification NLP+® Training is accredited by the ABNLP, ABH, and the TLTA. It consists of 4 certifications at the Practitioner level in NLP+®, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and Coaching.

As the Training is delivered by NLP Master Trainers, the level of knowledge, expertise and the training delivery itself is at the highest level, meaning you get so much more from your investment.

The NLP+® syllabus covers traditional NLP and also many additional models and techniques under the NLP+® trademark, the traditional NLP aspect includes:

· Presuppositions of NLP – one of the fundamentals to having a successful mindset and achieving results in a way that’s win-win for all parties.

· NLP Model of Communication – understanding your's and other's model of the world and how to communicate effectively.

· Rapport – building instant rapport in any situation and how to gain agreement and influence using body language and attract like-minded people.

· Goals – the do’s and don’ts of creating goals that work.

· Eye Patterns – build deep rapport at the unconscious level just by watching where someone’s eyes move to. Using eye patterns to change or install new strategies unconsciously for things such as learning, decision making, buying. Essential to teach to anyone who struggles with spelling, to give them instant results, whether they are children or adults.

· SubModalities – learn how to change how you feel about something instantly, just by changing how you code it in your mind. Great for changing beliefs that don’t serve us, as well as unwanted habits and behaviours.

· Language – Discover language models that 1) Uncover precise information, even information that is out of the conscious awareness of someone 2) Allow you to speak to a number of people at the same time and gain rapport with each of them; enabling you to deliver presentations, for example, in a way that speaks to everyone personally.

· Anchoring – change how you feel instantly by giving yourself a Resource Anchor that will give you positive resources in any situation. Perfect for interviews and public speaking. Become motivated when previously you would have procrastinated, and remove negative feelings that you would usually experience on a regular basis.

· Parts Integration – deal with that inner conflict once and for all, easily and effectively. No more devil on one shoulder and angel on the other, or head and heart conflicts. True alignment gives you momentum to achieve your outcomes and goals.

Time Line Therapy® syllabus covers:

· Negative Emotions – Learn processes that release Negative Emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and guilt permanently in an average of just seven and a half minutes.

· Self-Limiting Beliefs – Let go of beliefs such as low self-esteem, lack of confidence, in fact any beliefs that limit rather than support you.

· Use Time Line Therapy® as part of your goal setting process to install goals at the unconscious level in a way that you are driven to achieve them.

· Understand how you store time unconsciously, how that can help or hinder your management of time and how to change that if it’s not working for you.

Hypnosis syllabus includes:

· How to use Hypnotic type (Milton Model) language to gain agreement with anyone, essential for negotiations and mediation.

· Using strategies taught as part of Hypnosis for relaxation, sleep issues and dealing with stress.

· Learn how to use Hypnosis for positive supportive suggestion, including as part of ‘Stop Smoking’ and ‘Weight Management’ processes.

· Understand and be able to use Ericksonian Hypnotic as well as Elman style Inductions and when each is appropriate.

Coaching syllabus includes:

· How to coach to get results using the Coaching Excellence Model.

· Integrating NLP+®, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis with coaching, when to use each.

· How to use process frames and reframe beliefs for positive change.

· The way to use tasking effectively to create unconscious and permanent change.

· How to spot when someone isn’t really a client and when not to coach.

· Find out the essentials for setting up a coaching practice.

Additional information

Discounts & Packages offered for multiple enrolments