Professionally qualified consultants providing comprehensive occupational hygiene and occupational health & safety services, throughout the U.K. and Eire.OCCHNET have over 10 years experience of improving the health and safety of businesses from a wide variety of industries. Ensuring the healthy future of both employees and of the company, reducing absence.

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Katy Simcox
Katy Simcox
Industrial Hygienist

Katy Simcox – Managing Director, holds an honours degree in Applied Science and a Master of Science in Environmental Management, she is a registered Occupational Hygienist and a Chartered Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. Katy has been working in the field of occupational hygiene since 1990 and incorporated Occhnet Ltd in 1997. She lectures on Occupational Safety at industry seminars, and been a member of the lecturing team for Occupational Medicine/Hygiene courses run by the University of Manchester. Katy is currently a lecturer for The University of South Wales


OCCHNET places emphasis on working with clients to implement practical health & safety solutions, to reduce risk and to assist in legislation compliance.The increasing demand on organizations to manage their health & safety affairs competently requires a corresponding demand for qualified and accountable expertise.

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Occhnet use the latest technology and recognised sampling techniques to gather the information necessary to allow professional hygiene, health and safety evaluation for your workplace.Catering for all business and industry categories.

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OCCHNET is a fully independent occupational hygiene, health, safety and environmental consultancy, formed to meet the need for a professional, reliable and cost effective service to industry. It provides expert advice and practical assistance on chemical and physical hazards both in, and from, the workplace, and can offer a wide range of services and training courses to clients to help them meet their obligations under Health, Safety and Environmental legislation.