Office Politics for Managers

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You have likely experienced some form of Office Politics. Working with different personalities, opinions, backgrounds, and values is a challenge in any environment. It is an inevitable fact that when people are working together personalities can and will clash. No one is an island, so working together as a team is incredibly important for the organization and every employee. Office Politics is about creating and maintaining better relationships. It is about communicating and working with your peers and colleagues in a way that is mutually beneficial. Employees who understand the positive aspects of Office Politics are better team members and end up being more successful and productive.



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Start date

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About this course

This workshop aims at improving the performance of professionals in the context of ’Office Politics for Managers’. Through this training program, the understudies will come to understand the purpose and benefits of office politics, learn to interact and influence colleagues and the ways to manage various personality types in the office. The participants will be able to set boundaries and ground rules for new employees and determine how to gain support and effectively network. The understudies will also learn to recognize the technique to become a part of a group and how to function in such an environment.

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Course programme

The Contents of this course consists of 12 Modules:- Module One: Getting Started. Module Two: New Hires -Company Core Values. Building Relationships. Encourage Respect. Setting Ground Rules. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Three: It’s About Interacting and Influencing -Dealing with Different Personalities. Build a Culture of Collaboration. Be Nice to Everyone (Not Just Those Who Can Help You). Be a Team Player. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Four: Dealing with Rumors, Gossip, and Half - Truths -Its Effects on Morale. Reinforce the Truth with Facts. Do Not Participate. Deal With it Swiftly. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Five: Office Personalities (I) -Complainer. Gossiper. Bully. Negative Ned / Nancy. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Six: Office Personalities (II) -Information Keeper. Know-It-All. The Apple - Polisher. Nosey Neighbor. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Seven: Getting Support for Your Projects -Gain Trust Through Honesty. Be Assertive. Blow Your Own Horn. Make Allies. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Eight: Conflict Resolution -The Importance of Forgiveness, Neutralizing Emotions, The Benefits of a Resolution, The Agreement Frame, Case Study, Review Questions. Module Nine: Ethics -Benefits of an Ethical Environment. Lead by Example. Ensuring Ethical Behavior. Addressing Unethical Behavior. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Ten: You Are Not an Island -Never Burn a Bridge. Take the High Road. Trust is a Two-Way Street. Don’t Hide in Your Office. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Eleven: Social Events Outside of Work -How to Decline Politely. Rules When Attending. Meeting New People. Conversation Dos and Don’ts. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up.

Additional information

This Course is Made for the Students and they learn the Content in PDF and PowerPoint Slides Format. Activities like Pre Assignment, Action Plan, Evaluation Form etc. Offers frameworks for understanding key topics of ’Office Politics for Managers’. Focuses on explanations of concepts, phenomena, and theories.

Office Politics for Managers

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