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The Pedicure course teaches you about feet, nails, skin conditions and the contra-indications to treatment. You will also be aware of the importance of sterilisation. At the end of this course you will be able to give a luxury pedicure and be confident in your application.

This course now also covers the application of Shellac, Minx and Vinylux. Successful students will be able to register with CND to purchase Shellac, Minx and Vinylux products.

Students who attend the Pedicure course will by the end of the course be able to give a Mini Pedicure, Full Pedicure and Luxury Pedicure treatments to a highly professional standard with confidence.

You will be taught the correct procedures for the sterilisation and sanitisation processes for all equipment associated with the pedicure application. You will also learn the correct procedure for cutting and preparing the toe nails for the treatment. You will be conversant with the additional luxury pedicure elements including ex-foliation, massage of feet and legs, application of mask, and the use of hot towels. You also will have the option to be taught the application of Minx, if required. Students who successfully complete the course with the use of Minx will automatically be registered by the Academy with Creative Nail Design (CND) to enable them to purchase Minx products.

Students would normally be expected to supply a model for the practical training. However any student who finds this difficult should notify the Academy at the time of booking, so that a model can be provided.




Bath (Avon)
Bonheur Beauty &Amp; Holistic 52 Box Road Bathford, BA1 7QH
Timetable: Monday Wednesday or Thursday


Different dates availableNow taking bookings

To take into account

To learn how to carry out a full luxury Pedicure. Dealing with the start the case history checking the clients medical history and checking prescribed drugs by using the BNF book to check if there was any reason that you could not carry out the procedure. Once established you would go thought examination and cleanse procedures. Then once completed the Minx application under supervision you will go on to the full luxury side of the Pedicure by learning how to carry out correct application of products. Once this is all achieved to a high standard you will then be assessed examined and qualified so that you can then offer the service the clients you may have or are about to get. You will be accepted into /Salon, Clinic or Spa with this qualification.

This course is for total beginners in Pedicure. This can appeal to a young person just starting out on how to become a therapist. Or indeed a therapist who is currently a Manicurist who wishes to boost her skill levels.

Anatomy & Physiology: If a valid accredited certificate is held then this element will not be required.

If you take the A&P as qualification with us the we will give your text book on start of your Pedicure training. The AP is an online course which you can take alongside the Pedicure course. Once qualification is achieved then a Certificate will be issued in both areas. These qualifications once achieved means you can gain the Insurance and work either by your self running your own business or in salon, clinic, spa or gym

The Pedicure course we run includes learning how to apply Minx one of Sweet Squared (CND) wonderful inventions. You can however if you prefer do the Shellac & Vinylux application,

A1. Yes you can gain insurance through the Guild as both the Pedicure and the A&P courses are accredited with them therefore your insurance with them is automatically discounted by £10.00. This then will cost £85.00 for 2.5 million public liability

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  • Pedicure
  • Pedicure with Minx
  • Pedicure with Shellac Application
  • Pedicure with vinylux application
  • Manicure
  • Nails
  • Nail Art
  • Nail Technician
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Beauty Treatments

Teachers and trainers (1)

Julie Hasker

Julie Hasker

Head Lecturer

Qualified as teacher 2003 Lectured@ Bath College 2003/2004 Wrote my own courses and had them accredited 2004 with the Guild of Beauty Professionals Set up own Academy end 2004. / to present day. Now run over 33 different courses covering Beauty/Holistic and Nail Therapies. Since starting the Academy I have established a number of key relationships with product leaders such as Sweet Squared (CND) and Fake Bake which enables us uniquely to provide qualifications recognised by these and other industry leaders. Students will therefore not need to take additional product training.

Course programme


A theory module relating to the course is sent to the student prior to attendance. The time spent learning this module will be dependent on the student. There will be an exam based on this module conducted at the end of the practical training.


You will learn about:

• Nail Conditions

• Nail Preparation

• Health, hygiene and safety

• Nail Structure

• Full Pedicure Treatment

• File, cut, buff and deal with cuticles and hard skin

• Price Structure

• Importance of using British National Formula (BNF)

• The importance of taking a full case history of your client will enable you to carry out prescriptive treatment for the individual

• Contra-Indications

• Importance of Sterilisation

• Guarding against Bacteria

• Anatomy and Physiology of the Feet and Nails

• Correct use of tools

• Application of nail polish/Shellac/Minx/Vinylux

• Client care throughout treatment and aftercare

• Preparation of the client and work area

• Setting up a Practice


£ 200 VAT exempt