Perspect provides employee training and performance coaching. Our mission is to help professionals and organisations achieve their full potential, whether it be in sales, customer care, management or negotiations.

We provide tailored workshops, short courses and coaching throughout the UK. We also offer a range of consultancy services covering a wide range of topics in professional training and development.

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Reza Zolfagharifard
Reza Zolfagharifard
General Manager at Perspect Limited

Reza is a trained performance coach, an experienced workshop leader and a dynamic speaker. Reza is a member of the International Coaching Association (IAC). He started his working career as a Fighter Pilot where, as of a very young age he learned discipline, diligence, teamwork and perseverance. Later he held positions of high responsibility and of a managerial nature before becoming a teacher in London. He was a teacher of Science and Mathematics for more than eleven years where he served as Head of Department, school SENCO, a member of SMT, A

Advantages of studying here

The unique aspect of Perspect’s training is their focus on Emotional Intelligence and its effect on personal and professional performance.

Perspect uses tried and tested methods from; Applied Emotional Intelligence (AEI), Nero Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy/Coaching (CBT), Transactional Analysis (TA), Positive Psychology and latest discoveries in Neuroscience to ensure practical understanding, positive growth and lasting results.

Areas of specialisation

Leadership, Management, Customer Service, Sales Training, Change Management, Negotiation, Stress Management, Time Management, Call Centre Training, Assertiveness, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence, Influencing Others, Resilience, Emotional Mastery, Social Mastery.