PetroPlanners Global

PetroPlanners Global


PetroPlanners Global is a consultancy and training company providing world-class training courses in oil & gas, energy and infrastructure, developing knowledge, creating commercial opportunities and strategic solutions for government and industry by offering professional training courses and conferences.

Teachers and trainers (2)

Dr Hosin Mofa
Dr Hosin Mofa
Well Technology and Petroleum Production Technology

Prof Abdollah Mael
Prof Abdollah Mael
Petroleum Engineering Expert


At Petroplanners Global, the emphasis is on tactics and practical application. PetroPlanners Global, PLAN &
PRIDE itself on quality of our training program, meeting the industry requirements and the latest trend and
development. Our events are highly relevant and designed to inform on the latest issues affecting the markets we
serve. PetroPlanners Global provide networking opportunities for delegates.

Advantages of studying here

Platform for networking, one on one consultation services exended to participant during the course . For more info please email to

Areas of specialisation

Oil & Gas, Energy, Marine Offshore, etc.
Technical, Operations, Maintenance, Business, R&D, Finance, Serivices, etc subjects.