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Course programme

One Day Photography Workshop

The workshops are aimed at all levels of photographers from beginners to experienced photographers. We cover Digital Photography & Film Photography and concentrate on working in the field on techniques such as exposure, metering, lens choice, camera use / techniques and filter use.

Workshop numbers are kept to a maximum of just six participants to allow plenty of time & tuition for individuals.

Workshop dates have been carefully chosen to coincide with ideal tide times or sunrise / sunset positions. All workshops (apart from the Painting With Light Workshops) start at dawn and typically end at sunset.

Field notes to refer back to will also be available and following the workshops all guests are welcome to contact the office via email with any questions, advice or for critique on their images for an unlimited time period.

For Frequent Asked Questions about our One Day Photography Workshop:

What happens in poor weather?
If the weather forecast is poor we can arrange to change the date of the workshop or move you over to a different workshop at no additional cost. We would much rather you come away with a selection of good quality images rather than being forced to shoot a days workshop in dull rain.

How long do one day workshops sessions last?
One workshops usually last between 6-8 hours and sometimes longer depending on the time of the year and the weather conditions. Due to the distance some guests travel we have found from feedback from previous participants that around 6-8 hours is the ideal time for learning that remains comfortable for participants and allows for a large variety of different images to be achieved.

Can I contact you after the workshop for feedback and answers to any questions that I have?
Absolutely, there is no time restrictions on this service, I am always happy to answers questions and queries and this is a service many participants utilize both leading up to and following their workshop. I enjoy seeing participants work via email and enjoy staying in touch with participants and I have built up some good friendships working in this way.

Am I a suitable level for the workshops?
This is probably one of our most common questions. I like to structure the one day workshops in a way so that there is plenty of time for individual tuition for each participant. Rather than teaching everyone as one group I like to spend lots of time with participants individually throughout the day so that they learn at their own level, I structure what I teach depending on how confident and comfortable each participant is. As a rough guide for each workshop we probably have two or three complete beginners, a few fairly competent photographers and one or two more advanced photographers.

Do I need to bring refreshments?
We aim to keep our workshops and one to one sessions as cheap as possible for participants therefore we do not provide food and drinks throughout the day. Participants can bring there own packed lunch and snacks for the day, alternatively we can also stop at a local café or restaurant where you will have the opportunity to purchase food and refreshments.

Why do you allow just six participants?
Workshop numbers are limited to just six participants to allow plenty of time and tuition for individuals, we also find a smaller group of around six people means participants get to know each other and gel well, this also means they then learn off of each other too. One of the major reasons for keeping our courses to lower numbers is large groups and landscape photographers with wide angle lenses do not generally mix as people spilt up over a wider area so participants struggle to get shots without other members wandering into their pictures. With smaller group numbers this is not normally a problem.

Is there any suitable accommodation nearby?
There is plenty of accommodation nearby our locations to suit all budgets. Many guests for our Norfolk Broads & South Norfolk Coast workshops stay at the Travelodge at Acle where rooms can be booked in advance for around £26. We are always happy to recommend other hotels upon request.


£ 50 + VAT