Physics with Planetary & Space Physics

In Aberystwyth

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  • Typology

    Bachelor's degree

  • Location

    Aberystwyth (Wales)

  • Duration

    3 Years




Aberystwyth (Cardiganshire/Ceredigion)
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Aberystwyth University, Penglais, SY23 3BZ


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GCSE * (min grade C) Mathematics UCAS Tariff 240 points B/C or C/B in Physics and Mathematics at A level International Baccalaureate 29 including 5/7 in Physics and Mathematics at higher level European Baccalaureate Pass overall with 60% min in Physics and Mathematics * All schemes require grade C in GCSE English or Welsh or an acceptable equivalent.

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What you'll learn on the course

  • Space Physics

Course programme

Aberystwyth has a long history of expertise in planetary and space physics, and is the only university department in Britain to study the whole of the energy train from the atmosphere of the Sun through into the atmosphere of the Earth. This Physics and Space Physics degree course provides you with a core of fundamental physics and a detailed look at the physics of the solar system. To place the latter work in context, the degree also provides an overview of modern astronomical science (including stellar and galactic astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology). The core of mainstream physics ensures flexibility in further study or employment after graduation and provides the background necessary for the specialist modules.

Physics and Planetary and Space Physics Degree Year 1

The degree covers areas of study that include: the formation and evolution of the solar system, gas-giant and terrestrial worlds, planetary interiors and surfaces, planetary atmospheres, the Sun as a star, comets, red-giants, white dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes, galaxies, quasars, the solar wind and cosmology. Over the three or four years of the course, about one-third of this Physics degree course is devoted to specialist modules in planetary and space physics, two-thirds to modules in physics.. In Year 1, the emphasis is on laying foundations; so there are core modules in all the main branches of classical Physics, as you would find them in all Physics degrees, together with one core module devoted entirely to the fundamentals of Astronomy.

Physics and Planetary and Space Physics Degree Years 2 + 3

In Years 2 + 3, the degree opens up more areas of Planetary and Space Physics: with core modules in Astrophysics and Cosmology and in Planetary and Atmospheric Physics. Meanwhile, your skills in the core areas of classical Physics are taken into new areas, with a more thorough understanding, for example, of Quantum Mechanics and Thermal Physics. Years 2+3 build towards the final year indivdual project - for many students the highlight of all their studies, in which all the knowledge and skills they have gained are brought to bear upon a topic or problem which they find particularly inspiring.

Additional information

Career opportunities: Whatever career path you choose to follow, as a graduate in Physics and Space Physics from Aberystwyth University, you offer prospective employers the assurance that you have gained the fundamental knowledge of classical Physics essential to a Physics-related career in Education, Business or any other field; that you have have been a problem-solver, both as an individual and as a member of a highly motivated team; and that you have engaged with Physicists and Space Physicists at the absolute forefront of their field.
Contact person: Martin Wilding
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