Preactor is an independent company based in the UK. First formed in 1984 the company is the #1 company specializing in advanced planning and production scheduling software and, through its partnerships with other software vendors and system suppliers, offers implementation and software support all over the world.Its flagship product, Preactor, was developed during an extensive joint development project (FORCAST, Flexible Operational Real-time Control And Scheduling Tools) under the European EUREKA initiative during the period 1988-1993. Now in version 10, this suite of scaleable, flexible and configurable advanced planning and production scheduling tools has become the price/performance leader in every market in which it has a presence, and is setting the standard by which other packages are measured.

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...Many configurations or data models may be created and used in Preactor using a single license. It offers a Starter Pack. This provides a package that includes... More

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