Primate Conservation (African Monkeys) - Diploma

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Course programme

This course has been prepared primarily for a prominent African monkey conservation charity (CERCOPAN) but is also available to members of the public or anyone interested in working in a voluntary pr paid capacity with primate conservation. The first module is the same as the primatology certificate so any body who has already completed that course would be given exemption from doing it again. This course is also introduced by Prof Simon Bearder of Oxford Brookes University. (price band B) (level 2)

Course Modules

1. What is a primate. This module is almost identical to the first module on the primatology certificate but sets the scene by providing all the necessary background information.

2. Old World primates. African primates are discussed, characteristics, diet, habitats and populations form this module.

3. Primate behaviour. A basic understanding of primate behaviour is essential if anybody is intending working with these animals in a conservation role.

4. Ecological principles. Some of the major problems in maintaining population numbers comes from human impact on habitats. This module explains some of the wider and long term effects.

5. The primate environment. Following on from the last two modules this deals with how primates interact with their surroundings.

6. Conservation. Finally the course looks at the work of conservation and how the problem is being addressed.

Additional information

Payment options: Price Band B Within UK Outside UK Compass Modules: £51.17 inc VAT £55.57 inc VAT Band B Courses: £288.65 inc VAT £315.07 inc VAT (6 modules) Courses in this price band are available by the module at: # £51.17 inc VAT(plus a £25 registration fee) for UK addresses # £55.57 inc VAT(plus a £25 registration fee) for non UK addresses. If paid in full at the outset, your payment will cover the cost of all modules, any tutor advice needed and all outgoing postage costs. Whilst students who are studying from non UK addresses are particularly welcome there has to be a £4.40 surcharge to each module to cover the extra postage costs.

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