Pro-actions UK

Pro-actions UK


Pro-actions are results-focused business improvement specialists who help business owners address their issues, improve their results, and kick start growth. We help businesses achieve their potential so they provide their owners with the lifestyles they want.

We ensure that each business owner knows and understands the results of their business so we can see where to make improvements, be that in financial controls, marketing, sales conversions, systems or businesses vision and strategic direction. Whatever stage of development your business has reached, regardless of sector we guarantee to improve your business.

Advantages of studying here

We stay focused on your results: Everything we do is driven by improving the results of your business!

We are not prescriptive: Because no two businesses are identical we do not work from a manual, we look at real solutions.

We are not a franchise: We may cover a wide area but every single specialist who works for us is hand selected by Pro-actions Directors on their experience, knowledge and character to ensure they are the best person to work with our clients.

We are flexible: How you work with us is down to you, we are flexible and will negotiate and structure our help to match your needs, requirements, affordability and goals. YOU are the client, you are in control!

We do not have contracts: We do not make you sign a contract with us, there's no tie-in or sign-up to work with us.

We can help you all the way through your journey: Whether you're a new start-up, an established business that has been up and running for some time, or even a large business looking to take the next step we have something, and more importantly, someone to help you!

We guarantee we'll make a difference: As opposed to some "guarantees" out there ours is on our website, out there for the world to see. We are so confident that you'll get value from us that we'll offer our services for free if you don't!

We understand your business first: We make it our business to understand your business, this is so that we can start helping you make changes that will positively effect your business.

Areas of specialisation

Business Improvement & Leadership Development
Marketing Improvement That Works
Business Cash Management
Accessing Finance
Planning Business Exit Strategies
Improve Your Sales & Win More Business
Business Rescue & Turnaround
Access Investment

...and many more!