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    2 Years

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College entry requirements as well as a grade C or above in GCSE Maths. English and Double Science Award.

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Course programme

AS Psychology
Level: AS/A2

Awarding Body: AQA Specification B - AS Award 1186/A2 Award 2186

Course Content:
Providing a sound understanding of the various methods and approaches in psychology at both AS and A2 level. At each level, knowledge will be illustrated through various topic areas representing the core areas of social, cognitive, developmental, biological and individual differences.


The AS course is assessed by 2 written examinations PSYB1 and PSYB2 - both 1 hour 30 minute exams.


Introducing Psychology. (50% of AS, 25% of A Level). 60 Marks. Candidates answer 3 compulsory questions from Key Approaches, Gender and Research Methods. Written in January


Individual Differences, Social Psychology and Cognitive Psychology (50% of AS, 25% of A Level). 60 Marks. Candidates answer 3 questions from three areas, namely Social Influence, Remembering and Forgetting and Anxiety Disorders.

Written in June


This is assessed by 2 written examinations, PSYB3 and PSYB4. Both 2 Hours each.


Child Development and Applied Options. (25% of A Level). 60 Marks. Candidates answer 3 questions from Child Cognitive Development, Stress and Stress Management and Substance Abuse. Written in January.


Approaches, Debates and Methods in Psychology (25% of A Level). 60 Marks. Candidates answer three questions, one from each of the topic areas above.

Teaching Learning Methods:
A wide variety of teaching and learning methods are used on the course. These include discussion, reading and note-taking, use of video, essay writing and examination practice, independent research activities. Wider reading is essential and is expected from all students.

Skills & Commitment:
Students should have a genuine interest and awareness in human behaviour. Issues studied include why people conform to majority or minority influence, how our memories work, what makes us male and female and so on. Therefore, it is preferable that students have a social awareness of such issues. It is also worth reading a regular broadsheet newspaper and keeping up with current global issues in psychology.

Students will have the opportunity to attend a conference on issues in psychology. Students will also be expected to buy a textbook at the start of the course.

Psychology develops a range of skills including communication, IT and number skills. It develops skills of analysis and evaluation. Many students continue with studies in Psychology at university.

Complimentary Subjects:
Psychology links effectively with a range of subjects. It complements other AS subjects including Sociology, Business Studies, PE, Biology and Media Studies.

AS Psychology

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