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This course comes from the creator of the highly popular course "Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer". Punctuation Mastery is a straight forward course teaching you everything there is to know about using fundamental punctuation including colons, semi-colons, dashes and more. Even if your command of vocabulary is strong and you have a flair for creativity you can be let down if your punctuation isn't accurate. People may stop paying attention and you'll lose your credibility. After this course your use of punctuation will be correct, effective and even stylish - writing can be greatly improved with good use of punctuation, as much as it can be improved with interesting language. You'll not just know the rules, you'll also know how to bend the rules to write for better effect. You'll also feel confident that your writing will be accepted and taken seriously by major publications as well as your readers.






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39 lectures and over 2 hours of dedicated video instruction
Video quiz tutorials to consolidate each chapter!
Learn the rules of punctuation including commas, apostrophes, colons and more
Learn how to use punctuation to enhance the effectiveness of your writing
Make your writing more memorable with creative use of punctuation
Be confident that your writing will be taken seriously Who is this course for?Anyone who is unsure of their use of punctuation or who would like to better understand it 



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What you'll learn on the course

  • Punctuation
  • Writing

Course programme

Why Punctuation Matters
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Lecture 1 How To Use Punctuation Like A Pro
Lecture 2 Punctuation: Why Bother?

Clever Commas
Lecture 3 Commas For Clarity
Lecture 4 Commas To Aid Comprehension
Lecture 5 Commas To Add Elegance
Lecture 6 Commas To Extend A Point
Lecture 7 Commas To Insert A Point
Lecture 8 Quiz

Comely Colons
Lecture 9 Colons To Introduce Lists
Lecture 10 Colons To Answer A Thought
Lecture 11 Colons To Create Anticipation
Lecture 12 Quiz

Suave Semi-Colons
Lecture 13 Semi-Colons To Tidy Up Lists
Lecture 14 Semi-Colons To Complete Thoughts
Lecture 15 Quiz

Exciting Exclamations
Lecture 16 The Function Of Exclamation Marks
Lecture 17 Quiz

Killer Quote Mark
Lecture 18 Quote Marks (Or Inverted Commas) For Speech
Lecture 19 Other Uses For Quote Marks
Lecture 20 Dangers Of Quote Marks
Lecture 21 Quiz

Ace Apostrophes
Lecture 22 How To Use Apostrophes
Lecture 23 Apostrophes To Sound Less Formal
Lecture 24 Quiz

Boring Brackets
Lecture 25 Why Brackets Aren't So Cool
Lecture 26 Brackets To Aid Comprehension
Lecture 27 Quiz

Daring Dashes
Lecture 28 Dashes To Add Drama
Lecture 29 Dashes For Definition & Significance
Lecture 30 Dashes To Prevent Getting Lost
Lecture 31 Quiz

Handy Hyphens
Lecture 32 Hyphens Can Be Tricky
Lecture 33 Hyphens To Prevent Confusion
Lecture 34 Hyphens To Quicken Comprehension
Lecture 35 Quiz

Summary & Conclusion
Lecture 36 Review Of What You've Learnt
Summary & Conclusion

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