Quark Quarkxpress - Tips & Tricks (Quark Authorised)

In London, Sutton, Surrey, Nottingham

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  • Typology

    Short course

  • Location

    London, sutton, surrey, ...

  • Duration

    1 Day


The course has been designed to enable existing QuarkXPress users to get the most from QuarkXPress and includes knowledge based tips as well as instructions. The course will focus on power shortcuts and industrial strength techniques.
Suitable for: This course is designed to enable existing and experienced users of QuarkXPress to speed up and improve the quality of their work.




London, Sutton, Surrey, Nottingham (Surrey)
Mekon House, 31-35 St Nicholas Way, Sutton, Surrey, Sm1 1jn, SM1 1JN


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Experience with QuarkXPress or other DTP/Layout tool

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Course programme

Course Outline
  • Customising Preferences
  • Sharing system preferences
  • Using the AutoSave option
  • Using the AutoBackup feature
    Palettes and navigating the interface
  • Changing the orientation of the toolbox
  • Power shortcuts to select tools and dialogue boxes
  • Multiple use of tools
  • Extending the toolbox
  • Jumping directly to fields in the measurement palette
  • Continuous Apply mode
  • Reverting to a mini-save
    Find and Change
  • Searching and deleting multiple non-printing characters including tabs, carraige returns and spaces
  • Using the WildCard feature
  • Changing the formatting of numbered lists and bullet characters
    Working with text
  • Cut and Copy using the content tool
  • Converting text to outlines
  • Anchoring outline text directly to the text frame
  • Using smart quotes
  • Toggling smart quotes off
  • Using synchronised text
  • Linking text on a path
  • Assigning a start-up font to a box
  • Drag and drop text
  • Extend text selection per word or paragraph
  • Deleting overset text
    Style Sheets
  • Find local formatting
  • Clear local formatting
  • Compare Style Sheets
  • Exporting Style Sheets to Microsoft Word
    Master Pages
  • Copying Master pages between documents
  • Printing Master pages
  • Using Prefernces to control the Master page updates
  • Adding page numbers to be viewed in thumbnail view
  • Retrieving document-layout deletions
  • Using the page layout palette to add section numbering
  • Working with one-celled tables to display different sized borders
  • Jumping to the next cell
  • Maintain geometry
  • Making table combs
  • Labelling library items to enhance a library search
  • Grouping library items
  • Starting a document with a lefthandside page
  • Changing the assigned content of boxes
  • Converting box shapes
    X-tensions (Version 6.5 only)
  • PSD Import:
  • Importing Photoshop files with layers
  • Using the PSD import palette
  • Modifying the opacity of PSD layers in QuarkXPress
  • PSD import preferences
  • QuarkVista:
  • Transformation rendering
  • Using filters, adjustments and effects
  • Image adjustments
  • Format conversion
    Other stuff
  • EasterEggs
  • Power Shortcuts
  • Using the QuarkXPress environment dialogue to troubleshoot
  • Adding Post-it notes
  • Avoiding alerts
  • Quark Quarkxpress - Tips & Tricks (Quark Authorised)

    £ 295 + VAT