Real Estate Private Equity Modelling in Excel



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Financial Modelling

Emagister is pleased to present the Real Estate Private Equity course, with which you will learn how to structure and model real estate private equity funds. The course models the relationship between the evaluations of individual projects that are taught in our School of real estate financial models and the entity that purchases them. The private properties and tenant variables are combined from their NOI and incorporated into a three-state operating model. We will also teach you how to develop an incentive scheme, model the distribution of dividends and assess the fund. Next, a variety of scenarios are modeled, such as Leveraged Buy-Outs (LBOs) and Risk Capital Contributions. In the end, it will test the main drivers of the underlying assets in the overall returns.

In this course you will be able to build a private real estate fund fund model. You will understand the structure and strategies of the private capital market and understand the essential concepts of fund valuation and related metrics. You will also know how to review the accounting principles applied to real estate funds and the dividend and distributions policy model under various scenarios. You will analyze the risk using metrics, tables and tables. In addition, you will know how to use risk analysis techniques to define more precisely the structures of the funds.

Take advantage of this great learning opportunity to give your career a boost. If you are interested in this course, please request more information on the Emagister website to give you more details.

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About this course

Build a Real Estate Private Equity Fund model Understand Private Equity market structure and strategies Understand the basics of Fund Valuation and related metrics Review accounting principles as applied to Real Estate Funds Model dividend policy and distributions under various scenarios Analyse risk using metrics, tables and charts Use risk analysis techniques to further define fund structures

Private Equity Fund Managers Investment consultants and Financial advisers working with Fund Managers Finance professionals supporting institutional Investors Private Bankers and Family office representatives Real Estate professionals looking to expand their knowledge in corporate finance Recent Graduates interested in learning how to model private equity deals

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  • Build
  • Real Estate
  • Private
  • Equity Fund model
  • Private equity
  • Market structure
  • Strategies
  • Basics
  • Fund Valuation
  • Related metrics
  • Accounting principles
  • Funds
  • Model dividend policy
  • Distributions
  • Various scenarios
  • Analyse risk
  • Metrics
  • Tables
  • Charts
  • Techniques

Teachers and trainers (1)

Andri Rabetanety

Andri Rabetanety

Financial Modelling Trainer

Course programme


Understanding a Private Equity Fund Model
• Layout and key elements of a PE Model
• Private equity market and strategies
• Understanding the deal structure and interested parties
• Understanding the capital structure
• Review of the key debt instruments
• Review of the key equity instruments (special case of Management Buyout)

Fund valuation methods
• The multiples approach to valuation
• Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), modelling and core concepts
• Private Equity performance metrics
• Pre-money vs Post-money valuation
• Special Cases

Review of accounting principles
• Balance Sheet: Real Estate Valuations and Debt
• Profit & Loss: Capital Allowances
• Cash Flow statement: Escrow Accounts and Distributions


Modelling Fund Dynamics, Drivers and Forecasting
• Forecast of revenue and cost drivers
• Indirect costs and historical ratios in the working capital schedule
• Amortization/Depreciation schedule and capital expenditures
• Debt schedule and the cash available to service the debt
• Modelling dividend distributions
• Shareholder’s equity schedule and completing the income statement
• Modelling and Analysing Risk

Performance Analysis

• Benchmarking returns within Real Estate and across industries
• Analyse leverage and coverage ratios
• Calculating Equity Returns Using EBITDA or Net Income
• Deconstructing and using a Return on Investment Capital (ROIC) tree

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Real Estate Private Equity Modelling in Excel

£ 1,500 + VAT