Rejuvenating your Public Affairs Agenda

Short course

In Belgravia, London

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  • Type

    Short course

  • Location

    Belgravia, london

  • Duration

    1 Day

To provide delegates with a vast array of managment tools designed to engender better results and improve performance and working practices, as well as enable honest critical appraisal of past activity.
Suitable for: Senior managers, heads and directors of public affairs who have overall responsibility for the review and assessment of all in-house activity.



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Belgravia, London (London)
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Suite 49, 34 Buckingham Palace Road, SW1W 0RH

Start date

On request

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Course programme

Rejuvenating your Public Affairs Agenda

The course will also provide a framework of assessment of the progress and outcome of previous work and activity. It will also provide delegates with a professional forum to discuss and critically appraisal past performance; teaching managers numerous methods on how to breath a fresh lease of life into long established practices. Solutions will be shared on how best to instigate revolutionary changes able to shift entrenched instititional and cultural approaches and replace them with new methodology in public affairs.

This managerial-focused course will offer an ideal training platform for creative thinking. It will also provide the professionals who attend with a detailed guide on how best to manage change, as well as create a transferable assessment framework, able to identify and repair problems. Finally it will also offer a selection of alternate management tools able to enhance a number of crucial areas such as; staff performance, planning, attainment of better overall results; offering a blue-print for management assessment and the constant evaluation of in-house PA performance.

Rejuvenating your Public Affairs Agenda

Price on request