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Important information

Typology Private lessons
Class hours 10h
  • Private lessons
  • 10h

Understand how a Revit project is structured. Navigate the various views of a project using the Project Browser. Understand how Revit creates objects: Work in 3d-space with Levels and Offsets. Create a range of basic building components and variations within categories such as Walls, Doors, Windows, Schedules. Use working drawing tools for notation, scheduling & dimensioning. Export data by converting Revit drawings in PDF format and create print sets. Understand the basics of Component Families and Types. Understand how Work sets allow a team to work on one project.
Suitable for: Architects and Designers, Engineers and other construction professionals who works during the week and want to learn Revit at the weekend.

To take into account

· Requirements

• Some previous CAD experience is necessary. However, architectural design, drafting, or engineering experience is highly recommended • Microsoft® Windows® 7 or Windows® VISTA or Windows® XP

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Course programme

Course Outline

Revit Architecture Basics
• Exploring the User Interface
• Working with Revit Elements and Families
• Starting a Project

Starting a Design
• Creating and Modifying Levels
• Creating and Modifying Grids

The Basics of the Building Model
• Creating a Basic Floor Plan
• Adding and Modifying Walls
• Working with Compound Walls
• Using Editing Tools
• Adding and Modifying Doors
• Adding and Modifying Windows

Viewing the Building Model
• Managing Views
• Controlling Object Visibility
• Working with Section and Elevation Views
• Creating and Modifying 3D Views

Developing the Building Model
• Creating and Modifying Floors
• Working with Ceilings
• Adding and Modifying Roofs
• Creating Curtain Walls
• Adding Stairs and Railings

Using Dimensions and Constraints
• Working with Dimensions
• Applying and Removing Constraints

Detailing and Drafting
• Creating Call out Views
• Working with Text and Tags
• Working with Detail Views
• Working with Drafting Views

Construction Documentation
• Creating and Modifying Schedules
• Creating Rooms and Room Schedules
• Creating Legends and Keynotes

Presenting the Building Model
• Working with Drawing Sheets
• Using Walk throughs
• Using Sun and Shadow Settings

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