The Royal Society

The Royal Society


Each year we award Royal Society Fellowships to 44 of the best scientists in recognition of their scientific achievements. It is the highest accolade a scientist can have, short of a Nobel prize.Fellows of the Royal Society include Colin Pillinger, who led the British Exploration of Mars with Beagle 2, Stephen Hawking who works on the basic laws that govern our universe, leading neuroscientist Dame Nancy Rothwell and astronomer Jocelyn Bell-Burnell who, as a student, discovered pulsars.We also award 12 medals, 8 prizes and 7 prize lectureships, to honour excellence in a range of fields of science, engineering and technology.

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The Royal Society
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...But equally important was the turmoil of new ideas that redrew the boundaries of the intellectual world. In poetry and in polemics, men and women involved in philosophy... Learn about: Economic History... More

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