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Course programme

SIA Door Supervisor training course

Door Supervision training course is designed to educate door supervisors on the laws governing licensed premises, their management procedures and best practices in dealing with members of the public. Under the licensing act of 2003, in order to undertake certain business activities a Premises Licence must be obtained from the local authority. Examples of activities requiring premises license are - supply of alcohol by retail, provision of regulated entertainment (dancing, singing, theatre performance, cinema/movies, football) and late night cafes etc.

For the purpose of SIA licence the Door Supervisor's training course is focused mainly on venues where alcohol is sold by retail i.e. Pubs and night clubs. It is in these licensed premises that a Door Supervisor is required to maintain security and order. However, a person with SIA Door Supervisor's licence can also work as a Security Guard even though the SIA course contents for Security Guarding is slightly different from the course contents for Door Supervision.

The SIA believes that following a one day induction in a Security Guarding assignment, a holder of Door Supervision licence can begin to work as a Security Guard. It is important however, to note that SIA training for Door Supervision does not cover Security Guarding training as many people wrongly believe; rather it is a specialist course focusing mainly on licensed premises where alcohol is served by retail. A Door Supervisor with SIA licence can also work in other licensed premises apart from alcohol venues. SIA Licensed Door Supervisors are expected to be dealing with members of the Public in licensed premises on a regular basis and hence the need for SIA training for door supervisors in order to carry out their duties effectively; abiding by all laws and regulations.

Door Supervisors are needed at the point of entry to carefully decide on the suitability of customers entering licensed premises and maintaining order and public safety. Door Supervisors are required to play an active role in the fight against drug abuse and would be refusing entry to those who may be in breach of criminal law, licensing law or ejecting those who are in breach of these laws or who may be placing the management's licence at risk. In very limited cases the job of a Door Supervisor may involve the "use of force" but it should be noted that there is no requirement for a Door Supervisor to use force to achieve their objectives.

In order to carry out this public role a Door Supervisor must undergo a SIA training course designed for door supervisors, which must cover the law of self defence and "use of force" and most recently added unit

  • Physical Intervention
  • Security Guarding Course
  • Door Supervisor Course
  • Physical Intervention and CCTV course

Each SIA training course is individually structured to meet workplace demands and awarding body's national standards.

£ 190 VAT inc.