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Social Care: A Guide to Caregiving


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This social care course is a comprehensive guide to becoming the best caregiver that you can possibly be. Discover a strength inside you that you never knew existed and create a comprehensive plan and proactive approach so you can confidently and compassionately care for a loved one or patient.Symon He is a real estate investor, licensed broker and business consultant based in Los Angeles CA. After discovering his mother had stage 4 lung cancer and 6 months to live, he took on the role of caregiver. Six years later, his mother successful treatment attests to the power of proper care giving. Symon shares everything he has learned with you as you embark on your tough but rewarding journey of becoming a caregiver.This course is suitable for anyone who is or will become a primary caregiver to a loved one suffering from an illness. It will also benefit you if you have a friend who is a caregiver and you want to know how best to be supportive or if you yourself have a serious illness and are or will be receiving care from someone. It will show you how to maintain motivation and energy and get the most out of care and doctor's appointments.Symon has pledged to donate 100% of his proceeds from this course to the Lung Cancer Alliance, a leading non-profit dedicated to fighting lung cancer. He will share donations updates with students on a quarterly basis.

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· What are the objectives of this course?

Includes 66 lectures and 2 hours of content.
Create a regret free game plan for you and your loved one.
Confidently seek and ask others for help and maintain motivation and energy.
Whether you are receiving or giving care, understand what the other party is going through to further support their efforts
Ideal for anyone who is or will become a primary caregiver to a loved one suffering from serious or terminal illness

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Why I Made This Course
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Who Should Take This Course
How to Take This Course
What this Course Is and Isnt About
Why Are You Here

Your War Chest
What is the War Chest
Your Caring Mantra
Only Place that Matters
I Get To Have
Trade Offs
How to Look at Stats
Ask For Help
What Would You Want
Quick Ask

The Game Plan
Why You Need a Game Plan
Clear Your Calendar
Take Inventory
Mind & Spirit
Build Cushion
Keep Clinical Trials in Mind
Positive to Negative Ratio
Things to Look Forward To
Priming with Language
Complementary Alternative Treatments
Conversations to have
Create a private facebook group

Put Your Mask On First
Put Your Mask On First
Identify and Elminate Leeches
Manage Time
Manage Energy
Lazy Diet
Lazy Fit
Simple De-Stressing
Have Go To Resources
Get Your Me Time

Doctor's Appointments
Understand the Basics
Finding Good Doctors
Gatekeepers and Expediters
ID and Prioritize by Urgency
Contingencies and Stacking Requests
Follow Up
Prep for Dr Appointment
Treatment Roadmap

Message to the Care Supporters
Simple Questions to Ask Yourself
Dont Say How Can I Help
Get and Give Green Lights

Messages for the Care Receiver
You Choose Everyday
Initiate the Tough Conversations
Have the Right Benchmarks
Savor Each Moment
Fight to delay every last

Closing Note
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Bonus Discussion
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For Inspiration
Medical Research
Clinical Trials
Mood Board
Other helpful things
How to find outside caregivers

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