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...About the course This course will enable you to work creatively with music technology. You will compose and mix music, and you will explore the many creative uses of sound in the Media Industries. You will develop knowledge and skills to support your own creativity, including critical listening... Learn about: Sound Recording, Music Technology, Sound Recording... More

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  • Foundation degree
  • Luton

...in an easy-to-learn visual language. Producing music or sound for media projects is an important part of this course. For example, you will learn to compose music for... Learn about: Music Technology, Music Technology... More

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Comprehensive Video Tutorials

... and the human body. Sound is a very powerful healing tool that works on blocked or dysfunctional energy systems. This ancient holistic healing method dates back thousands of years and is used in modern medicine today. Students taking this course will gain an overview of how sound healing works, its benefits... Learn about: Sound and Music in our Environment, Understanding Sound and Light, Online Course... More

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Awarded a Line 6 LowDown Bass Amp certificate

...This excellent Line 6 LowDown Bass Amp will teach you the creativity and power of Line 6 LowDown bass amps. Understand how the Line 6 LowDown can rapidly dial up a fantastic sound that you can modify and save into a pre-set to reflect your signature sound. You’ll also get an introduction to newest... Learn about: Music Technology, Sound Engineer, Music composer... More

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