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This course is no longer running - apologies for any inconvenienceWe believe the future of research lies in breaking down traditional barriers between academic disciplines so the bigger problems of the 21st century can be considered from human as well as physical perspectives. We have a number of interdisciplinary research themes, which fit closely with international research priorities.



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Exeter (Devon)
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33/36 Queen Street, EX4 3SR

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Course programme

You will cover (format is flexible and may vary): Design Glass cutting Leading Soldering Cementing, finished and installation Health and Safety Glass types, stained glass styles and historical context The course will take you through the process of producing a stained glass panel, firstly using a simple handout design and then by a self directed project. The tutor will demonstrate and explain all aspects of cutting glass, producing a design, cutting and fitting lead, copper foiling, soldering and cementing. Returning students can undertake a project or projects suitable to their level of skill.

Stained Glass Details

Price on request