S.I.T -  Dog Training

S.I.T - Dog Training


Classes for all abilities, any age, breed. clicker training a speciality. come learn dog training with your pet in a friendly environment

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  • 6 Weeks

...dog live in harmony with each other. Using a training aid called the clicker you will find your dog is more motivated to learn, its fun and rewarding for both canine and human... Learn about: Cross Cultural Communication... More

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Teachers and trainers (2)

Christine Ware
Christine Ware

I have worked with many dogs and their handlers alongside the other trainer for many years, attended courses and seminars to learn new modern methods.

Suzanne  Evans
Suzanne Evans

I have worked for many years with all types of dogs/owners and problematic behaviours. Attended a variety of courses and seminars to enrich my own understanding of how to best handle/work with dogs and humans