Tai Chi Chuan

In Dunsland Cross

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Location Dunsland cross
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Tai Chi Chuan - a distance learning course by BSY The course delivers a thorough foundation in the martial art and the internal method of physical and mental relaxation. Students will find it assists in preventing illness and improves recovery after ill-health. Tai Chi Chuan is based on a philosophical system of thought tapped into with both movements and mental exercises empowering students to apply Tai Chi principles to everyday life. This course is suitable for practitioners of yoga, meditation and relaxation therapies.


Where and when

Starts Location
Different dates available
Dunsland Cross
EX22 7YT, Devon, England
Starts Different dates available
Dunsland Cross
EX22 7YT, Devon, England


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What you'll learn on the course

Tai Chi
Martial Training

Course programme

Training Course Content

The course syllabus is structured as follows:

  • Lesson One
    • Introduction
    • History
    • Preparation for Doing the Form
  • Lesson Two
    • T'ai Chi for Health
      • Chi
      • The Five Elements
    • Form Practice
  • Lesson Three
    • Yin and Yang
    • Taoism
    • Form Practice (Continued)
  • Lesson Four
    • Taoist Writings
    • Form Practice (Continued)
  • Lesson Five
    • Form Practice (Continued)
    • Taoist Writings (Continued)
  • Lesson Six
    • Taoist Philosophy
      • Discussion on Making all Things Equal
      • The Turning of Heaven
      • Perfect Happiness
    • Form Practice (Continued)
  • Lesson Seven
    • The T'ai Chi Classics
      • Cheng San Feng's Treatise on T'ai Chi
      • The Treatise of Wang Chung Yueh
    • Form Practice (Continued)
  • Lesson Eight
    • The T'ai Chi Classics (Continued)
    • Form Practice (Continued)
  • Lesson Nine
    • T'ai Chi Martial Principles
    • Form Practice (Continued)
  • Lesson Ten
    • Points for Practice
    • Form Practice (Continued)

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