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Salisbury (Wiltshire)
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South Newton Trading Estate, South Newton, SP2 0QW

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after taking the course. Would you recommend with any builders to start a new career?

Tinoj S., More than two years


Reply from Emagister user (More than two years)

Practice is always good so if you want to boost your career, working with builders will definetly help you to improve your experience.

Reply from Emagister user (More than two years)

Once you finish the course, you will be able to show off your skills when you create your own design on a kitchen wall and on the kitchen floor.


Course programme

At PATS we are able to offer tiling courses from 1 to 6 weeks giving you the choice of how far along a tiling career you wish to go and how much you would like to learn. Or, should you know exactly what you want to learn we can build a bespoke course entirely for you. The courses are split into 4 different levels as follows: -

With the 1 week you will learn: -

  • How to set out your wall or floor.
  • How to prepare the surface.
  • How to use all the correct tools, both safely and efficiently.
  • How to cut around objects like sockets and switches.
  • How to cut around windows and doors.
  • How to trim on corners.
  • How to choose the right adhesive.
  • How to grout and clean a wall.
  • How to remove tiles from a wall safely.
  • How to tile using natural stone and many other materials.

The 2 week course builds upon the 1 week course giving you more of a chance to explore deeper into the depths of tiling by: -

Using Mosaics.
Practising in different patterns, like diamonds or offsets.Doing complex mitres with borders and trims. Creating your own designs and patterns. Learning how to tile difficult areas like steps or angled ceilings. Cutting square or round holes in tiles.

The 4 week course builds upon the first 2, but now you will really become adept in the use of tiles and with the extra time you will begin to expand your knowledge to cover jobs which some tillers would not venture near such as: -

  • Laying electric under floor heating.
  • How to remove radiators so you can tile behind them.
  • How to remove doors and trim the bottoms to allow for the increased floor height.
  • How to fit carpet to tile door strips.
  • How to do exotic designs like Tacco's and brickwork.
  • Creating patterns in kitchen splashbacks with mosaics.

But if it's a career change you want, and are looking to learn as much as you can, then the 6 week course is for you. Again building on the knowledge of the other courses and then taking you further by: -

  • Actually laying slate and granite tiles on difficult floors.
  • Using porcelain on walls and floors.
  • Learning not only how to cut but also drill difficult materials using specialist drills and cooling system.
  • How to trim kitchen kick boards so the tiles fit under them.

A 3 week course would be as 2 plus bespoke third week.

A 5 week course would be as 4 plus bespoke fifth week.

Obviously the longer the course the more adept you will become and the faster your tiling will be. On the 6 week course, the final week will be test week, where you will be able to show off your skills when you create your own design on a kitchen wall and on the kitchen floor.


£ 360 + VAT