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Training Potential is a subsidiary of Training Hand Ltd. We are specialists in Confidence Building, Assertiveness, Time Management and Back to Work courses Our training courses are all about understanding YOU, developing your potential, building your self-confidence and improving your personal effectiveness. They can relate to your work life or your personal life. Our NEW Back to Work courses are ideal if you are unemployed or have just been made redundant.We use participative training techniques; we won't just lecture you - we believe the best way for you to learn is to join in.

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...Developing a personal action plan for the future which makes you feel confident and motivated to succeed. Duration: from 9.30 to... More

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Mike Mcclement
Mike Mcclement
Specialist trainer in personal development


We have over 14 years of experience; having been founded in 1995. We work under the umbrella of Training Hand Ltd and have kept our ethos that you always talk to one person throughout your involvement with us. You will be assigned a trainer who is solely dedicated to your needs. You will not become 'just another person' to us. We can provide follow up and we want to know how you get on!

Advantages of studying here

Our courses are practical not theoretical. We put ourselves in your position and think carefully about how we can make a difference for you. We really can do this because there will never be more than 8 people on a course. All our training courses are challenging, interesting, focused and FUN! Everything we do on our courses and everything we suggest you try is aimed at improving the way you come across and behave whether it be Assertiveness, Confidence Building, Personal Impact, Personal Effectiveness, Time Management or returning to work.Our trainers aren't actors, they are people who can really relate to you; they have a genuine interest in helping you. They are experts at what they do because they all have business experience. In short, they will have been where you are and will have had similar experiences - so they will understand your situation and be able to put the course in context for you. We believe that this is the sign of an excellent course.