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Course programme

One To One Tuition

One to one tuition is structured around the client's individual needs and is available to suit both beginners and the more experienced photographer. The day can be structured to include locations on either the Norfolk Broads, the Norfolk Coast or the Suffolk Coast.

**Two to one tuition can also be provided upon request.

With 100% of Chris's attention you will quickly be able to develop and enhance your skills at your own pace throughout the day. Basic post production work of raw files and Photoshop work can also be included on the day.

Chris is flexible with One To One Tuition days so should the weather not look promising on your chosen day or you are no longer able to make your chosen day then as long as 48 hours notice is given all days can be rearranged with no additional charge.

The duration of one day one on one workshops vary depending on the time of year, standard one day workshops normally include either a sunrise or sunset shoot and last approx 5 - 8 hours. One day one to one workshops can also be split across two days and can even be split across different times of the year. Splitting one to one tuition over two three or four hour sessions across different dates means participants can visit completely different locations with completely different weather conditions.

Half Day One To One Workshops include either a sunrise or sunset shoot and are aimed at those photographers who want to shoot in the best available light and learn at a fast and productive pace. They also mean the day is generally not as long, especially when combined with travel both before and after the workshops. A Half day one to one workshop shoot lasts approximately 3 - 4 hours, sometimes longer depending on the lighting conditions. Half day workshops also include full notes and unlimited email support both before and after the workshop.

Field notes to refer back to are available for all workshops. Following the workshops all guests are welcome to contact the office via email with any questions, advice or for critique on their images for an unlimited time period.

Additional information

Payment options: The price for a days standard one to one tuition is £125.00 The price for a half day landscape one to one tuition shoot is £80.00

One To One Tuition

£ 125 + VAT