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We are a renewable energy cooperative that focus on the following areas: * Building Wind TurbinesThe turbines we build are based on a design by Hugh Piggott. They are built using materials that are locally available all over the world, and only need a workshop with basic tools to manufacture. If you want a turbine, or any part of the turbine built for you we can help. For more information see the wind turbines page, or check out Hugh's site * Running CoursesBecause the turbine can be built relatively easily without previous engineering experience, we've concentrated on teaching people how to build wind turbines themselves. This way you can gain knowledge in how to look after the turbine, replace parts if they break, and spread the word of renewable energy by teaching others! So far we have just concentrated on wind turbine courses, but will soon be running other DIY courses such as solar water heating and bicycle geneators. The courses page has more information. * Installing Wind TurbinesAs well as running courses, we have installed wind turbines in the UK and abroad. An Installation can be for an off-grid application or to feed directly into the grid, depending on the site and power requirements. We can install Hugh Piggott or other "off the shelf" turbines. See the case studies of our installations * Designing Off Grid SystemsOff - grid systems incorporating renewable energy can be extremely effective but must be well designed. We can offer advice for your system, and can design it from scratch. Off Grid Systems has more information * Developing PrototypesRenewable Energy is a growing field, and there are still many technological barriers that need to be overcome. We try to find low tech solutions to these problems that don't cost the earth, are easy to implement and can be repeated anywhere in the world.

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...subjects will be covered in morning lectures. If you have anything specific you'd like us to cover, please get in touch before the course and we'll ensure... Learn about: Wind Power, Sustainable Energy Systems, Wind Energy... More

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