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...During the interactive workshop Philip will elaborate on the technical benefits of using the DSLR's in video mode. Selecting the camera for you.The issues and how to work around them. Gear and lens selection. The essentials and not essential. The importance of sound recording with DSLR's. Large... Learn about: Video Production, Video Editing, Video Camera... More

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  • 3 Days

..., capturing video and audio, various editing and trimming techniques, ripple, roll, slip and slide... Learn about: Video Tools, Digital Video Editing, Video Production... More

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  • Leeds
  • 1 Year

...The Media industry is an exciting and creative area in which to work. Through the duration of this one year course you will be introduced to many elements of Media including a Creative Media Project that includes Video Production & Editing, which will show you how to make your own short... More

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...A 3 day practical course covering the fundamentals of the various voice protocols used to carry voice (and video) over a packet switched network. This course is a mixture of theory and practice (utilising Wireshark where appropriate for explanation and troubleshooting) with practical... Learn about: Cisco routers, Network Training... More

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...This Video Shooting course will reveal some of the best kept film making secrets, allowing you to bring creativity into your videos whilst maintaining professional quality. You will learn what is needed to tell a story in video, while informing and entertaining the viewer. Your instructor, Andrew... More

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...Learn how to use Pixelan CreativeEase Plugin Suite for Stylizing Videos in the Post Production process of Nonlinear Video Editing... Learn about: Blur Pro, Grain Plus, Poster Wise... More

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