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Here at Wags and Bones we believe that every dog, no matter what their issues, deserves the chance to become a well trained and happy pet. The focus of the classes is not on competition work, but on helping you and your best friend to live in harmony with one another and your surroundings.Our dog training classes are friendly and informal with the emphasis very much on keeping it relaxed and fun for you and your dog. Wags and Bones training classes have no set time for you to achieve certain training goals, so if your dog is a fast learner we can move on quicker with you, and conversely if you are finding an exercise more of a challenge you can take your time without the worry of holding others back. We believe that all dogs are individuals with their own learning rates and styles and so treat them accordingly.All of our dog training sessions are limited to six dogs so you will always have plenty of space to work in.

Wags and Bones