In Stafford and Santa Catarina Da Fonte Do Bispo (Portugal)

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In W-1, you learn Watsu's Tai Chi-like basic moves and positions and how, staying grounded and connected with the breath, you can let the water do the work. In its continual return to the Water Breath Dance, you find the stillness that is the ground of presence. Then you learn to connect these basic moves with long gracefully flowing transitions. You learn about your own body mechanics - how to support and move each person as effortlessly as possible in the water.
Suitable for: The course is a natural career path for shiatsu therapists, physiotherapists, and to any person who is interested in exploring a bodywork modality in warm water, and those who want to explore a new way of being (to be vs. to do).

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Santa Catarina Da Fonte Do Bispo (Portugal)
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Caixa Postal 787-A, 8800

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Stafford (Staffordshire)
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There are no pre-requisites to attend the class.

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Giovanni  Baccarani

Giovanni Baccarani


became Zen Stretching and Shiatsu Instructor in 1999 and Watsu Instructor in 2003 after training in Europe and the US with Harold Dull and others among the foremost world masters of each aquatic- or land- modality. With an experience of over a decade as a Professional of various modalities he is co-founder of WatsuEurope, the school of Watsu of the AquaTerra Training Institute of WABA in Europe. He currently teaches in 7 countries across the E.U. and in India.

Course programme

This course is the first step of the professional training in Watsu. It centres on the basic notions of the Watsu®, like accompanying a person in flotation in a sure and comfortable form, to conntect with his respiration realizing several movements in long transitions that flow with grace, limiting the proper effort and making to work to the water.One learns to adapt also this flow to persons of diverse dimensions. The beginning of dynamics is taught also postural that they help to support and move any person in the water with the minimal possible effort. You will be led across a simple but finished sequence of movements. Like in every phase of our program, the learned sequence has an organic consistency and can be repeated indefinitely without losing his freshness or his beneficial effects be for the person for whom he practises than for that one that receives it it.

Every day classes are realized also theoretical - practical in dry.

The course understands 40 hours of instruction in the swimming pool of warm water and 10 hours of work in dry where there will be explored subsequently the different levels of the being that the Watsu ® helps to reveal.

You can decide to come to this course with the intention of deepening your way of pondering, your relation with the water or with the others.

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Payment options: Bank transfer, Credit Cards, PayPal
Career opportunities: to become a Watsu® practitioner
Students per class: 8
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