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London Academy of IT

Web Design with HTML and CSS Training Course

London Academy of IT
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Important information

Typology Short course
Level Beginner
Methodology Online
Duration 4 Days
  • Short course
  • Beginner
  • Online
  • Duration:
    4 Days

This is your opportunity to get in the next level of web design! With this new course Emagister puts in to its catalogue you’ll learn new things about this world.

Web design with HTML and CSS Training Course is imparted by London Academy of IT, and is designed for people who want to enhance their skills, learning the very basics for designing, publishing and maintaining websites in a more professional way.
Since this is a beginner’s course, when you enrol, you’ll learn from scratch the essentials and there’s no need to have prior knowledge of either web design or HTML, CSS.

In this programme you’ll learn how to design a page layout, how to build it with HTML, styling pages with CSS, adding Google maps and YouTube videos. It also teaches HTML5, CSS3, domain name registration, optimising sites for search engines, publishing completed website to the hosting server, submitting sites to the search engines.

So, if you want to learn more about this course, please do not hesitate contacting London Academy of IT through Give yourself the opportunity to boost your career with this course!

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To take into account

· What are the objectives of this course?

Important information: London Academy of IT will offer classroom-based learning when the UK lockdown is over and safe to do so.

· Requirements

Skills Required No previous experience of Web design, HTML, CSS is required. You should have basic experience of using computers and web browsers. This includes: able to use keyboard and mouse know how to create, save, move and rename files If you do not have basic computer and Internet skills then we highly recommend you to attend our Computer Basics for Absolute Beginners course before attending this course.

· Qualification

Certification: Certificate of Completion will be provided after completing the course

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What you'll learn on the course

Javascript training
Web Design
Web Development
Web Programming

Teachers and trainers (1)

Younus Kazi
Younus Kazi
Tutor & Director

Younus has over 15 years experiences in working and teaching IT in both public and private organisations. His specialities include Web design, development, software development and project management. He graduated from London Metropolitan University in Computing and Information Systems. He is also a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD).

Course programme

  1. Planning and Designing Website
    • Plan the Structure of a Website
    • Target your audience
    • Domain Name Registration
    • Designing Effective Web Layout and Navigation
  2. HTML: The Language for creating web pages
    • Introduction of HTML
    • Using HTML Editors
    • Structure of HTML Pages
    • Adding and Formatting Text
    • Creating Horizontal Line
    • Commenting Your HTML Code
    • HTML Headings
    • Creating Tables
    • Adding images
    • Adding Hyperlinks
    • Creating lists
    • Creating sections in HTML5
  3. CSS: Styling web pages
    • Introduction of CSS
    • Adding CSS
    • Changing Colours with CSS
    • Working with Fonts
    • Formatting Text
    • Adding Page Background Colour
    • Adding page Background Image
    • Using float
    • Styling Ordered and Unordered Lists
    • The CSS box model
    • Margins, Padding and Borders
    • Using the tag
    • Using Classes
    • Selection in CSS
    • Using classes to style your site
    • Using the tag
    • Inheritance
    • Using ids to structure your site
    • Selector weight values and specificity
    • Selection in CSS
    • Using classes to style your site
    • Using the tag
    • Inheritance
    • Using ids to structure your site
    • Selector weight values and specificity
  4. JavaScript: A language to make web pages interactive
    • Using JavaScript into a Web page
    • Displaying dates and times with JavaScript
    • Embedding JavaScript code in HTML
    • Creating an image gallery with JavaScript
  5. Bootstrap: A framework to build responsive web pages
    • Introduction to Bootstrap
    • Installing Bootstrap
    • Typography in Bootstrap
    • CSS Components in Bootstrap
    • Bootstrap navigation
    • Creating a template and theme
  6. SEO: The process to improve search engine rankings
    • Introduction of SEO
    • Writing SEO-Friendly Text
    • Adding SEO Info to Links and Images
  7. Adding more features on your Website
    • Embedding Google Map
    • Embedding a YouTube Video
    • Adding social media plugins
    • Creating Web Form
  8. Publishing your site
    • Finding the appropriate Hosting space
    • Publishing Website Using FTP-Client

Additional information

Please contact us or visit London Academy of IT website to view full course outline, dates, time and for enrolment.