Win the Crowd

Win the Crowd


‘It takes at least three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.’*

So, no pressure then.

Whether you’ve got three weeks or three months to prepare, giving a
presentation can be daunting.

With 15 years as trainers we help companies maximise the impact of their people. Or, to sound less power breakfast about it, we look at:

* coping with nerves
* preparation and structure
* using PowerPoint and other visual aids
* knowing your audience
* dealing with questions.

We’ve given presentations all over the world, from Brazil and Borneo to… Harrogate. So we know presenting to five people can be just as gut-wrenching as 500 hundred. Why? Because an audience of 500 is an abstract entity, a lifeform all of its own. We’re distanced from it, so we can deal with it. Five people are a lot more real. There is no distance, hence the heebyjeebies.

This is practical presentation training in a very supportive environment. With just the right balance of theory and practice you’re presenting from the word go. We also throw in healthy handfuls of constructive peer and trainer feedback so you’ll have lots of tips to work on specific to you. And, it’s all on video so you can see for yourself where you need to improve (plus you get something to watch at Christmas while the Queen’s speech is on.)

As one of our previous delegates said,”It will change the way I plan presentations.”**

Win the Crowd – a different kettle of fish.

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Anthony Flynn
Anthony Flynn

I started life as English Teacher (not literally, I wasn't born that way) before spending 10 years in educational publishing. During that time I have given presentations all over the world from Brazil and Borneo to… Harrogate. For the past three years I've been running presentation courses to small groups or one to one. This is very practical presentation training so you're presenting from the word go.