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Location London
Duration 1 Day
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    1 Day

Please refer to the enclosed course outline.
Suitable for: Microsoft Word 2007 Fundamentals is designed for users who are keen to extend their understanding and knowledge of the software.

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Gillingham House, 38-44 Gillingham Street, SW1V 1HU, London, England
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Starts On request
Gillingham House, 38-44 Gillingham Street, SW1V 1HU, London, England
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· Requirements

Microsoft Word 2007 Fundamentals assumes little or no knowledge of the software. However, it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system environment.

What you'll learn on the course

Word 2007

Course programme

Getting To Know WordStarting WordThe Word ScreenUsing The RibbonUsing KeyTip BadgesMinimising The RibbonShortcut MenusUsing Shortcut MenusUnderstanding Dialog BoxesLaunching Dialog BoxesThe Quick Access ToolbarCustomising The Quick Access ToolbarThe Office ButtonUsing The Office ButtonThe Status BarCustomising The Status BarExiting Safely From WordCreating A New DocumentCreating Documents In WordUsing The Blank Document TemplateTyping TextThe Save As Dialog BoxSaving A New DocumentTyping NumbersInserting A DateDocument ProofingChecking Spelling And GrammarMaking Basic ChangesSaving An Existing DocumentPrinting A DocumentSafely Closing a DocumentWorking With A DocumentOpening An Existing DocumentNavigating With The KeyboardScrolling Through A DocumentUnderstanding Document ViewsChanging Document ViewsPage ZoomingViewing The RulerShowing Paragraph MarksPreviewing A DocumentCounting WordsThe Open Dialog BoxWorking With TextTechniques For Selecting TextSelecting Text Using The MouseSelecting Text Using The KeyboardEditing In Insert ModeEditing Text In Overtype Mode Deleting TextUsing UndoUsing RedoUsing RepeatUsing Click And TypeInserting Symbols And Special CharactersUnderstanding Find And ReplaceThe Find And Replace Dialog BoxFinding Words And PhrasesReplacing Words And PhrasesUsing Go ToCutting And CopyingUnderstanding Cutting And CopyingCutting And PastingCopying And PastingDrag And Drop CuttingDrag And Drop CopyingUsing The Clipboard Task PaneCopying Between DocumentsCutting Between DocumentsPasting Between DocumentsUsing Paste SpecialFont FormattingUnderstanding Font FormattingWorking With Live PreviewChanging FontsChanging Font SizeGrowing And Shrinking FontsMaking Text BoldItalicising TextUnderlining TextApplying StrikethroughSubscripting TextSuperscripting TextHighlighting TextChanging CaseChanging Text ColourUsing The Format PainterUsing The Font Dialog BoxClearing Font FormattingThe Font Dialog Box Font TabThe Font Dialog Box Character Spacing TabParagraph FormattingUnderstanding Paragraph FormattingChanging Text AlignmentsChanging Line SpacingChanging Paragraph SpacingIndenting ParagraphsOutdenting ParagraphsStarting A Bulleted ListAdding Bullets To Existing ParagraphsRemoving Existing BulletsStarting A Numbered ListNumbering Existing ParagraphsRemoving Existing NumbersCreating A Multilevel ListShading ParagraphsApplying Borders To ParagraphsUsing The Paragraph Dialog BoxText AlignmentsThe Paragraph Dialog Box Indents And SpacingThe Paragraph Dialog Box Line And Page BreaksPage LayoutChanging Page MarginsSetting Custom MarginsChanging Page OrientationChanging Paper SizingSetting Custom Paper SizesInserting Page BreaksRemoving Page BreaksInserting Page NumbersFormatting Page NumbersRemoving Page NumbersTablesUnderstanding TablesCreating A TableAdding Data To A TableSelecting In TablesSelecting Using The MouseInserting Columns And RowsDeleting Columns And RowsChanging Column WidthsChanging Row HeightsAutofitting ColumnsShading CellsModifying BordersModifying Border StylesChoosing A Table StyleDrawing Table BordersPrintingUnderstanding PrintingPrint PreviewingQuick PrintingSelecting A PrinterPrinting The Current PageSpecifying A Range of PagesSpecifying The Number Of CopiesThe Print Dialog BoxGetting HelpUnderstanding How Help WorksAccessing The Help WindowBrowsing For HelpReturning To The Home PageUsing The Table Of ContentsSearching Using KeywordsDisconnecting Online HelpPrinting A Help TopicWorking With Screen TipsDialog Box HelpOther Sources Of Help

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Students per class: 8

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