Working with Psychosis

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Important information

Typology Short course
Methodology Inhouse
Duration 1 Day
  • Short course
  • Inhouse
  • Duration:
    1 Day

This foundational course is designed to explore the many psychotic symptoms, all of which can be described as disorders of perception (the way we experience or make sense of the world). People suffering from psychotic disorders can exhibit any or all of these at different times depending upon the exact nature of their illness.
Suitable for: People working within mental health, learning disabilities, substance use social care, adolescent, education, children & family or mainstream services that come into direct contact with this client group.

Course programme


At times we can all have strange, bizarre or odd ideas. These are easy to dismiss and don’t last long or bother us. Psychosis is different. The word psychosis is used to describe some loss of contact with reality. The strange thoughts and feelings dominate life and make it impossible to do ordinary things. It can be a very frightening and distressing experience.

Course Summary

  • Definition of psychosis
  • Prevalence - who is affected? Why do some people have psychotic episodes?
  • Types and phases of psychosis
  • Common psychotic experiences & Disorders
  • Substance Use & psychosis
  • Psychosis & Violence
  • Treatment of psychosis
  • What can you do to help?
  • Self help
  • Spirituality and psychosis


This training will focus on the two main groups of psychotic symptoms: hallucinations and thought disorders and what you can do as a professional, service user or carer to help alleviate, control and deal with the symptoms.

The training is designed to be interactive, thought provoking and engaging.

Additional information

Payment options: Standard 1 day course for up to 20* delegates £985 plus VAT Plus travel costs for two trainers subject to distance . * An extra cost of £10 + VAT per head will be charged for audiences between 20 and 30 delegates. For audiences above 30 delegate prices are available upon application.

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