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    Short course

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Suitable for: Small and medium-sized companies because of its simplicity of integration and intuitive "learnability". However, even in major industries WSCAD can prove itself indispensable, for example in the planning of production lines and similar software applications.

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Course programme

Course Overview

WSCAD can be used to produce circuit diagrams for a wide range of applications such as control and automation technologies, measuring and regulating equipment, hydraulics, pneumatics, power engineering, electronics, control cabinet layouts and many other areas.

The combination of multiple functionality with ultra-simple operation is a key feature of WSCAD. In addition to all the expected functions, WSCAD offers some more unusual ones to make the production of circuit and wiring diagrams quick and easy.

What can WSCAD 5 do?

WSCAD is an ultra-modern tool for circuit design in all kinds of applications. WSCAD is the most productive CAD program on the market, combining maximum efficiency with economy.

WSCAD's rapid and intuitive access to all functions, its ease of navigation through the drawing sets, its simple operation and high processing speed allow you to create very large projects in a very short time.

Whatever your current design project, WSCAD can show you the simplest and most direct way to achieve your goal.

Something for everyone
With WSCAD 5 you simply obtain everything you expect from a modern circuit design software package.

The right tools and accessories make planning and order processing more reliable and accurate. All you need to add is the necessary measure of confidence.

A continual workflow from the start of planning through to contract completion ensures the smooth running of the production process.

The Basic version is particularly suitable for commissioning, when the planning itself has already been completed and no more major alterations are anticipated. It is equally well suited to the creation of smaller, less extensive projects.

A well-trained engineer can use the full functionality of the software, without having to waste time trying to learn it themselves. Investment in good training can pay for itself in a very short space of time. You can choose for yourself which is the best solution in terms both of training and economy: having standard WSCAD questions answered by IT specialists and colleagues, working from the manuals, or having the benefit of a WSCAD training course.

Course Content

Dongles, The WIBU key.
Multi-user network installations.
Accessing WSCAD from more than 1 PC.

WSCAD program structure
The screen, WSCAD Basic settings, parameters

Hot Keys
Viewing, snap, grid and auto-connect. Windows hotkeys.

Blocks and Macros
Saving and reusing parts of drawings.

Component Editor
Component types and characteristics.
Invisible texts.
Editing existing components.
Drawing new components.
Placing components.
Compiling component reference sheets.

How to make toolbars.
Adding component symbols to toolbar buttons.
Making a visual symbol library.
Accessing libraries by keyboard.

Drawing with WSCAD

Practice on drawing, text entry, coordinates.
Drawing a schematic using Blocks, Macros, Symbols and Text.
Adding pages.
Mechanical drawings, scales and dimensioning.

Editing WSCAD Drawings
Auto action, right button options.

Drawing Security
Backup files, auto-save, undo/redo, file structures.

Drawing Output

Printing and Plotting.

In-House Training

Our experts will rapidly install the software onto your system, configuring it according to your requirements. This gives you a 'flying start', so that you can work productively from the outset without having to spend time looking for the appropriate settings and facilities. Alternatively, you can have a Company workshop day at our offices, where you will be free from the day to day distractions of your own site.


£ 595 + VAT