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《有机化学》是研究各类有机化合物的结构、性质、相互转化及其规律的一门学科,是化学专业本科学生必修课之一,是生物化学、分子生物学、医学、药学等课程的先修课,在教学计划中占有重要的地位。 本课程主要介绍烷烃、烯烃、芳香烃、卤代烃、醇、酚、醚,醛、酮、醌、羧酸及其衍生物、胺、杂环等有机化合物的性质、相互转化以及机理问题。此外,介绍立体化学和波谱学基础。 通过本课程的学习,你能够掌握常见有机化合物的结构、命名和性质,掌握官能团之间的相互转换及其规律、以及立体化学特征、典型有机反应的机理,简单有机化合物的合成路线的设计等知识,从而为进一步的专业学习打下坚实基础。 课程结构: 本课程的学习内容包括:5~15分钟左右的视频课程,每个视频中间将出现1~2个课间提问,以辅助你的学习,每一章将会布置约10个单元练习题,课程结束后还会设立一次课程考试。 学习该课程,你需要具备高中化学知识,并具备一定的大学无机化学或普通化学基础知识。 推荐阅读: 1. 唐玉海主编,《有机化学》,化学工业出版社,2011 2. 邢其毅主编,《基础有机化学》,高等教育出版社,2009 3. John E. McMurry, Eric E. Simanek, Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry (6th), USA: 2006

Online learning plays a key role in lifelong learning. In fact, a recent report by the United States Department of Education found that "the courses that include online education (either completely virtual or blended learning) produce, on average, much stronger learning outcomes for students courses They are conducted exclusively in person. Based on an approach developed by educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom, the mastery learning helps students to fully understand a subject before moving on to a more advanced. In Coursera, usually we give an answer immediately to the concepts that the student does not understand feedback. In many cases, we offer random versions of assessments for the student to return to school and retrying until mastered the concept.

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