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...have a team of Progression Advisors who can help you decide. You can contact a member of this team by calling the Telephone Enquiry Centre. Some part... Learn about: Database training, Skills and Training... More

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...of one of the Microsoft Office units, concentrating on Access at Level 1. This course includes one qualification. Microsoft Office 2010 will be... Learn about: Microsoft Office, Office IT, Skills and Training... More

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... workaround which will enable you to use this function to extract data from your local XML documents as well. The final section of this course is given over to an XML capability which is well hidden in Microsoft Excel, namely the ability to transform XML as you import it by using XSL stylesheets... Learn about: XPath 2.0, XPath 2.0, XML training... More

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...This comprehensive training on XML will help you learn practical application of DTD And namespaces, style sheets, XML document using CSS, XSL and XML schemas... Learn about: XML training, Markup language, XML Programming... More

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