Government Funded Employment Law courses

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...in Employment Law. This course is conveniently designed for home study, so you can study whenever and from wherever you would like. The course will... Learn about: Worker Status, Collective Bargaining, Courts of Law... More

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  • A Level
  • Chesterfield
  • Different dates available

...on ways in which day-to-day HR activities are subjected to some form of regulation. Who is this course for? This course is ideal for HR professionals... Learn about: IT Management, Employment Law, IT Law... More

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  • A Level
  • Doncaster
  • Different dates available

...project called the AMP Awards in which you run and set up the business and music side of the competition against other schools and colleges in Yorkshire... Learn about: Ms Office, Office IT, Skills and Training... More

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  • Vocational qualification
  • Southampton

...Successfully completing this qualification will enable you to: Support health, safety and security in the workplace in regard to ensuring the safety of customers... Learn about: Labour Rights, Health and Safety Law, Discrimination Law... More

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  • HNC
  • Oxford

...have 'learned their trade'. Recently, changes such as globalisation, privatisation and the. Certificate of Higher Education in Labour Relations and... Learn about: Employment Relations Law, Health and Safety Law, Workplace Law... More

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  • A Level
  • Leeds

...give you the opportunity to develop the skills essential for future success. You might know what area you wish to pursue a career in or might still be unsure... More

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  • Distance Learning
  • Intermediate
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...is broadly suited to anyone who wishes to know their rights, as an employer or as an employee. You may find this course extremely useful if you are wishing... Learn about: Trade Union, IT Law, Employment Law... More

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  • NVQ
  • Avon
  • 9 Months

...incidents and complaints in the workplace. Make sure your own actions within the workplace aim to protect the environment. Review health and safety procedures in workplaces... Learn about: Health and Safety Law... More

  • NVQ
  • Avon
  • 9 Months

...the health and safety function. Your course will include Promote a positive health and safety culture Develop and implement the health and safety policy... Learn about: Health and Safety Law... More