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To gain a 360 Excavator CPCS card. Suitable for anyone interested in 360 Excavator CPCS card.

Course programme

Excavator training - On every M.C.G. (Major Contractor’s Group) site you will find machine operators making light work of 360*excavators, of all sizes. And each one of them will be holding a valid CPCS operators card, with this category written on it.

Why do I require a CPCS card?
More and more companies are joining the M.C.G. to produce a national work force; their aim is to raise the standards that will ensure all of its operatives are trained to the same national standard.

So if you don’t hold a current CPCS operators card you will not be permitted to work on these sites

We at Operators Tickets provide fully trained assessors and professional help, we assist you in gaining your valued NVQ qualification of competence, its not that difficult!

Remember your Red CPCS card will last for two years, in this time you need to complete your NVQ to retain your card

For a hassle free NVQ Assessment you have come to the right place - turn your red operator cards into blue competency cards with our professional services

How do I get a CPCS card?
We provide construction plant training to individuals and major contractors group (MCG)

We have various testing centre’s locations available to enable us to help you

Test Criteria
(A58/A59) 360 DEGREE EXCAVATOR TRACKED - To apply for this test at the test centre you must have a current Health & Safety test (within the last 2 years) to be able to sit the tests.

Part One
Is a professional discussion on a one to one basis. The CPCS Tester will read out a question and you must respond correctly. The pass mark is 80% and the duration of this test is 1 hour 15 minutes (maximum).

Part Two
Is the practical element of the test. The test centre will supply the equipment and the training area which will meet the CPCS criteria. You will be given instructions by the CPCS tester and you have 1 hour 45 minutes (maximum) to complete the practical test.

Additional information

Payment options: Grants If you are employed and your employer is a CITB Levy payer then Grants are available for all CPCS Testing and CAA Training Programmes. All short duration courses could also be funded through the CITB Grants Scheme.

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