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Typology A Level
Methodology Online
Duration 24 Months
Start Different dates available
Online campus Yes
Delivery of study materials Yes
Support service Yes
Virtual classes Yes
  • A Level
  • Online
  • Duration:
    24 Months
  • Start:
    Different dates available
  • Online campus
  • Delivery of study materials
  • Support service
  • Virtual classes

English Literature is considered the finest in the world, find out why and how it has shaped our national character and psyche.

This course develops a deep love of literature through exploration of some classic and important texts by Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Mary Shelly and the indomitable Margaret Atwood.
The focus of this course will be exploring prose, drama and poetry. You will learn to ready widely and independently as well as engage creatively and critically with a text. You do this through applying your developing knowledge of literary analysis and evaluation. You will also explore others interpretations of text and how this differs from yours.

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· What are the objectives of this course?

Independently reading a wide range of set texts and others you have selected for yourself Engaging and responding to these texts in a critical and creative way Build your knowledge of literary analysis and evaluation and practice them yourself Explore the interpretations of others to texts they are reading Independently study in a sustained way to develop a deep appreciation of English Literature and how it impacts tradition

· Requirements

English GCSE or equivalent

· Qualification

Upon successful completion of the exam and practical assessments (as administered by Pearson Edexcel) you will have achieved an internationally recognised Pearson Edexcel A-Level English Literature.

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What you'll learn on the course

Oscar Wilde
English Language
English Conversation

Course programme

Course Content

The course is split into 4 units:

Unit 1: Drama

  • William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night
  • Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest
  • William Shakespeare, Shakespeare: A Critical Anthology – Comedy (Order this from your exam centre when you register)

Unit 2: Prose

  • Mary Shelly, Frankenstein
  • Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale

Unit 3: Poetry

  • S. Eliot, Selected Poems (Faber, 2009) ISBN 9780571247059 (This is the 80th Anniversary Edition in an attractive hardcover.)
  • William Sieghart, ed., Poems of the Decade: An Anthology of the Forward Books of Poetry 2002–2011 (Faber and Faber, 2015) ISBN 978-0571325405

Unit 4: Coursework

  • Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights
  • Angela Carter, The Bloody chamber

The Pearson Edexcel A-Level English Literature qualification is gained once all 3 exam papers are successfully completed along with coursework. These exams are administered by the Pearson Edexcel and assessment centre details will be included with your course, as well as practice papers so that you are more than prepared for your assessments. You will need to contact your local examination centre to work through your coursework requirements.

In addition, there will be a number of tutor marked assessments (TMAs) to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the course materials, with the tutor sending comments to guide you through any areas of potential difficulty, as well as a range of self-assessments that are indicators that you understand the materials as you work through them. These are for your own information, and do not need to be shown to your course tutor.