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    2 Years

To develop a comprehensive understanding of knowledge, skills and techniques required by a modern professional accountant.
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Harrow (Middlesex)
Kenton Campus Fitzgerald House, Willow Court Avenue, Off 182 Kenton Road, Kenton, HA3 8ES

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About this course

The standard requirements are given in terms of 'benchmark' GCSE and GCE/VCE ALevel and VCE Double Awards, but there is a wide range of other qualifications which can be accepted. Assessment Students will be assessed by combination of assessment methods, including assignments, short tests, projects and examinations.

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Course programme

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

A new syllabus has been introduced. Your day will consist of two -three hour lectures, from 10:00 am to 20:00 pm. All sessions will be held during week days and students will be required to attend at least 21 hours of tuition per week to satisfy the Home Office requirements. All the study sessions will be arranged in the following manners:

  • 20 or 30 hours session per paper
  • Revision kit covering key exam areas
  • Progress test per paper
  • Study text for each paper
  • Includes 4 revision session/papers
  • Mock examination per paper

Existing students

If a student is already registered under ACCA, they do not need to re-register for the new syllabus. Students will simply be transferred across to the new syllabus by ACCA in August 2007. Please note that for existing students, the current exam time limits will be renewed. Therefore, if a student registered before 31 December 2006, they will be given a further ten years to complete the new syllabus exams.

New students

All students have to be registered with ACCA in order to take their exams. The standard ACCA registration deadlines have remained the same:

  • Register by 15 August in order to sit the first exams in December of that year;
  • Register by 31 December in order to sit the first exams in the June of the following year.
  • Entry requirements for new students have not changed. Students should register in the normal ways:

1) Online
2) Manually – by completing & posting a registration form to ACCA

ACCA normally takes approximately 6 weeks to process a registration form.

Course Modules



  • All papers 2 hour duration
  • Multiple choice exam format
  • Can be sat by Computer Based Examination (CBE), Internally Assessed or Paper Based Examination


  • All papers 3 hours duration
  • All questions are compulsory
  • Paper Based Examination only



  • All papers 3 hours duration
  • Exam Format: Section A – 1 compulsory question, Section B choice of 2 from 3
  • Paper Based Examination


  • Choice of 2 papers from 4
  • All papers 3 hours duration
  • Exam paper format: Section A – 2 compulsory questions, Section B choice of 2 from 3.
  • Paper Based Examination

The professional papers are the same standard as a Masters Degree

The chart below shows the relationship between the current syllabus papers and their new syllabus equivalents. If students have an exemption from or have completed a paper under the current syllabus they will receive an exemption from the new syllabus papers shown below.

Paper 3.4 & 3.7 Conversion

If students have passed 3.4, they are given a general exemption from one new syllabus Option paper. It will show on their records as ‘A pass in Business Information Management’.

If students pass 3.7 under the current syllabus but have not passed all other exams, there are two possibilities:

1. If they have passed two option papers, they will receive an exemption from paper P1
2. If they have only passed one option paper, they can choose to ask for an exemption from P1 or P4. (If they choose P1 they cannot then sit P4 as an option paper.)

Course Registration:

Students will be registered on immediate basis at the time of fee payment. All students who are being enrolled for either 5 months or 3 months course required to pay fee either in full or installments. Students are recommended to visit college prior to the commencement for the registration where course timetable and study material will be issued after paying all dues.

Course Start Date


Additional information

Payment options: £3,200 + ACCA Registration Fees


£ 3,200 + VAT