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      Typology A Level
      Methodology Distance Learning
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      Do you want to become a qualified paramedic but still don't have the necessary skills to? This course offered by Distancelearningcentre.com will provide you the required nationally accredited qualification to apply to Higher Education Universities and Colleges to make your dream come true.

      The course do not have a fixed start or completion dates; it is flexible and suit to your needs. What is more important, as it gives you the opportunity to apply for a degree in Paramedicine or to secure a Student Paramedic position with an ambulance service trust.

      Not all careers need a degree, and an Access to HE Diploma in Paramedicine is also an excellent way to maximise your job prospects, such as: emergency care assistant, ambulance technician, first aid advocate.

      Don't miss this opportunity, request more information through emagister.com --we will be happy to help you!

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      To take into account

      · Who is it intended for?

      It is suitable for people who wish to gain entry to Higher Education, but have not yet achieved the necessary entrance qualifications. They are particularly suited to adult learners including those who have been out of education for some time.

      · Requirements

      No specific entry requirements.

      · Qualification

      Access to Higher Education Diploma (Allied Health Professions).

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      Katie Strong
      4.0 02/07/2015
      What I would highlight: My DistanceLearningCentre.com travel began in April/May 2014. It was a good starting, finishing the greater part of my psychology modules at distinction. In 2015 I was admitted to hospital 3 times with septicaemia and in the long run they found a gap in my bladder (fistula) which was continually harming my abdomen. I discovered this out in the August after numerous intrusive tests, and I was attempting to get my coursework finished, I thought I'd never be able to complete this course. Since my operation I've gone fromstrength to strength, and I now have an inner reconstructed bladder produced using bowel tissue (neobladder) because of UCLH. In February I began taking a shot at my assignments once more, my mentor was truly strong and would call to clarify things I couldn't get it. I will always appreciate DistanceLearningCentre.com, and the guides that remained by me and helped me through an exceptionally troublesome year. Without them I wouldn't be headed toward college in September to begin my nursing degree. There were times when I lost confidence, I thought it was a lot of work and I thought I wont be able to complete. To anyone that is beginning with DistanceLearningCentre.com, my recommendation is remember that you are doing that for yourself even when circumstances become difficult. -YOU will arrive, regardless of what number of obstacles remain in your direction!
      What could be improved: No negative aspects.
      Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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      Lee Carr
      4.0 15/04/2015
      What I would highlight: To have the capacity to advance inside the ambulance service to the part of paramedic and having left optional instruction with no A*-C GCSE grades I expected to acquire the right capabilities to permit me onto a college degree. I discovered DistanceLearningCentre.com and connected to concentrate on the Access to HE Paramedicine Diploma. I expected to accomplish an entire 60 credit certificate and they offered this recognition as distance learning which was essential to me with 2 youthful kids and keeping on working all day for the ambulance service.
      What could be improved: Everything OK.
      Would you recommend this course?: Yes
      Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
      Imogen Baldock
      5.0 08/04/2015
      What I would highlight: At school it was forever my aim to join the Ambulance Service and I accomplished the then significant required qualifications but my life took a different route. A year ago I chose to return to complete that dream and was offered an Emergency Support job in front line. I wish to be a Paramedic later on and thought my employer will sponsor me while I'm working for them. Since I am presently 37 years of age, my A-levels are "obsolete" so DistanceLearningCentre.com was prescribed to me by the University included and my boss. I now have this capability and would like to join the plan one year from now, which means I could be a Paramedic in only four years of my career change.
      What could be improved: Nothing bad.
      Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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      Katie Harrison
      4.5 08/04/2015
      What I would highlight: Permitted me to grow scholastically ... what's more, will enormously bolster my next stride in learning at University. My involvement with DistanceLearningCentre.com has been only fabulous through and through, from the simplicity of enrolment, the bolster got from every one of my coaches to the assignments themselves (which I truly appreciated doing).
      What could be improved: No negative aspects.
      Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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      4.0 05/03/2015
      What I would highlight: Subsequent to passing up a great opportunity for my A-Levels because of big surgery I thought my scholarly objectives were depreciated . Three years, besides treatment and numerous surgeries later, I unearthed the DistanceLearningCentre.com and in the wake of perusing past understudy declarations I chose to dive in. Pharmaceutical/medicinal science have been my subjects of enthusiasm for quite a while. An intriguing life structures related syllabus with no exhausting photosynthesis or immaterial maths modules were precisely what my mind had been longing for.
      What could be improved: Nothing bad.
      Would you recommend this course?: Yes
      Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
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      What you'll learn on the course

      Paramedic Nursing
      First Aid
      Emergency Services
      Higher Education Access
      Emergency Care
      Emergency Care assistant
      EMT Paramedic
      EMT Training
      Health Care

      Course programme

      Course review:

      Nationally recognised Access to HE Diploma in Allied Health Professions by Distance Learning (60 Credits) from an Online College established in 1993.

      QAA accredited through Ascentis

      Study from home at your own pace. We pride ourselves in our friendly, personal and professional service from fully qualified teaching staff.

      Your personal tutor will support you in your studies through weekly phone contact and quick response to your emails. We will also help you with your UCAS application for Higher Education.

      Course Modules change a little from time to time so visit the web site at for the most up to date information.

      Additional information

      Payment options: Regular instalments can be spread across the course. 

      Additional Awarding Body Registration fee (currently £185) charged in two stages: after first month and after achieving 24 credits. 

      Prices may vary slightly from those published on this site. Please check the fees directly on our web site for the most up to date prices.

      Career opportunities: You can apply to universities for a Paramedic Science course or secure a Student Paramedic position with an Ambulance Service Trust. Acquiring the knowledge and skills to become a professional involves training and study at degree level but there is a range of vital support roles that require no set academic qualifications for which an Access Diploma is an ideal way to maximise your job prospects.

      Credits/Points: 60 credits