Acupuncture for Pain Relief - AACP Approved Foundation

In Bulphan

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    6 Days


To provide all participants with competent, safe, effective Acupuncture s.
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Bulphan (Essex)
North View Church Road, RM14 3RU


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Teachers and trainers (1)

Jennie Longbottom

Jennie Longbottom

MSc (Acupuncture) BSc (Psychology) MCSP SRP MBAcC

Course programme


MS JENNIE LONGBOTTOM MSc (Acupuncture) BSc (Psychology) MCSP SRP MBAcC

Six Day - Two Part Course

Course Background/Outline

All AACP approved Foundation courses have been accredited by the AACP. AACP tutors have completed Advanced Acupuncture Training to Post- Graduate Diploma or MSc level and all have extensive experience in clinical practice. The purpose is to bring Acupuncture into the world of evidence based pain management, progressing with its use in evidence-based management of selected disorders. It offers unique ability to integrate Acupuncture within Physiotherapy clinical management.

All participants are taught effective, safe, efficient Acupuncture treatment which will both complement Physiotherapy management and provide relevant up to date research results, attempting to integrate Acupuncture philosophy within a scientific paradigm. All participants are taught accurate point identification, core standards of needling, safety and effectiveness together with physiology, anatomy and integrated patient management.

The course will equip participants with grounding in current NHS and private practice policy providing sound arguments for its use within clinical reasoning and effective practice, substantiated by current research.

Accredited tutors are experienced clinicians, clinical educators and have a background in providing educational material within University and postgraduate teaching areas.

This course is to provide all participants with competent, safe, effective Acupuncture skills both within the clinical setting and with a research background. This is provided initially within the core of the Basic Course at foundation level and later on more advanced courses at Intermediate and advanced levels.

The emphasis of the course is on:

  • Practical application and needling skills
  • Theoretical underpinning of needling philosophy
    • Scope of Acupuncture within Physiotherapy management
    • Limitations of Acupuncture
    • Advantages
    • Range, purpose and limitations of different Acupuncture approaches
  • Evidence based underpinning of Traditional theories wherever possible
  • Evidence based theories underpinning western scientific Acupuncture theory.
  • Anatomy
  • Safe needling
  • Physiology
  • Pathology

The tutors will utilise the following knowledge and understanding to participants to support competent performance:

  • Professional standards and codes of conduct in Acupuncture application
  • Current Acupuncture legislation and practice codes
    • Incorporating current Health and safety legislation
  • Confidentiality
  • Consent
    • Different forms of consent and how they apply
    • Informed Consent
  • Practice management
    • Record keeping
    • Clinical records for audit
    • Working knowledge of the audit cycle
    • Information storage
  • Critical evaluation
    • Current research
    • Acupuncture techniques
    • Acupuncture protocols

Acupuncture for Pain Relief - AACP Approved Foundation

Price on request