Alexander Technique Diploma


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Some people move with grace and ease and seem to have good posture, freedom of movement and general well-being. Whereas others, use ourselves very badly - collapsing, tensing, distorting ourselves in almost every moment of our lives.



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St Helens (Merseyside)
The Woodside Centre, Catchdale Moss Lane, Eccleston, St Helens, Merseyside, WA10 5QJ

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Course programme

Module 1: The musculoskeletal system and sensory perception
Module 2: The evolution and relevance of the Alexander Technique
Module 3: Inhibition, thinking and breathing
Module 4: Basic movement and normal postures
Module 5: Stress reduction and tension release
Module 6: The delivery of the Alexander Technique: Lesson 1
Module 7: The delivery of the Alexander Technique: Lesson 2
Module 8: The delivery of the Alexander Technique: Lesson 3
Module 9: Alexander Technique applications
Module 10: Practitioner responsibilities

Alexander Technique Diploma

£ 525 + VAT